Suffolk 1937 Kelly's Directory (original)

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Media: BOOK - Hardcover, 695 pages
Year: 1937
Other: b&w pictures, colour map
Publisher: Kelly Publishing Co

If you are researching people who lived in Suffolk in the 1930s, have you thought of using directories? These are great not only in listing thousands of names of householders, but also in helping track where a person was at a certain period of time.

This is a typically comprehensive Kelly's county directory which includes:
 - a general description of the county
 - a Towns & Villages Directory
 - a Private Residents Directory
 - a Professional & Trades Directory

This book also includes information on the geology of the county of Suffolk, a list of magistrates for the county is also included.

Condition: This book had been given a new cover and endpages, which are in excellent condition, the title page is a photocopy of the original. However, the title on the spine of the cover is incorrect, it has the year 1927 instead of 1937. There is a book plate inside the cover from a previous owner. The pages are also in excellent condition, as is the coloured map.

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Suffolk 1937 Kelly's Directory (original)


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