Stalemate in Korea: The Royal Australian Regiment in the Static War of 1952-1953

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 112 pages
Author: C. Brown
Year: 1997
ISBN: 9780958669399
Other: b&w photos, maps, appendixes, glossary, bibliog
Publisher: Australian Military History Publications

'This book is different. It describes the problems of living in a harsh climate in full view of the enemy. Night patrolling was developed to an art seldom seen in any modern Army. Patrols at night, through minefields and behind enemy lines are complicated military manoeuvres and their success in Korea is evidence of the high standard of training achieved by battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment.'

'Colin Brown provides a vivid account to the closing stages of the Korean War. This account should be compulsory reading for all military personnel because the lessons learned of Korea are still applicable now as they were forty years ago' - Major-General Alan Stretton, AO, CBE

1. The Australian Battalion in Korea 1950-51
2. The Strategy, the Terrain and the British Commonwealth Division
3. Climate 'A Risky Lesson'
4. Morale 'Chinese Propgranda'
5. Defences 'Diggers'
6. The Chinese Soldier
7. Operations - Some General Comments
 - 'The ROK Army Liaison Officer
8. Patrolling
 - 'A Hazardous Patrol'
 - 'Another Hazardous Patrol'
 - 'Escape and Evasion'
9. Daily Routine
 - Two Sergeant-Majors'
 - 'Batmen and Houseboys'
10. Food and Water
11. The Value of Alcoholic Beverages
12. Health, Hygiene and Medical Evacuation
13. Out of Line
 - 'Cover Story'
 - 'Anzac Rivalry'
14. Leave in Japan 'Another Kind of Leave'
15. The Few Last Days
16. Conclusion
Appendix A. Army Preparations for the Korean War
Appendix B. Patrolling in the 1st Commonwealth Division
Appendix C. Some of a Platoon Commander's Tasks (3 RAR)
Appendix D. A brief Description of British Military Organization 

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Stalemate in Korea: The Royal Australian Regiment in the Static War of 1952-1953


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