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Solving Genealogy Problems: How to Break Down 'Brick Walls' and Build Your Family Tree

Publisher: How To Books

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 224 pages
Author: G. Davis
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9781845284770
Other: appendix, index
Publisher: How To Books

'Brick walls' occur everywhere and all the time in genealogy research. 'Solving Genealogy Problems' will help you make real progress through difficult areas and dead ends. With this book you can take your British Isles family tree back further.

'Solving Genealogy Problems' will:

- Help you find new records, including unusual ones genealogists often don't know about; and make the best use of them when you do find them.
- Suggest new ideas for looking at old problems.
- Give additional ideas on using the census - then more ideas on using census substitutes when the census doesn't have the answers.
- Suggest ways of finding elusive births, marriages and deaths - and then of making progress anyway, even when you absolutely cannot find them.

This book covers all periods of British Isles genealogy. The new frontiers of genealogy are considered for the hope they give on even the most intractable research block, and the possibility they allow of building even the most difficult of family trees.

List of Illustrations
1. Breaking through brick walls
 - Problems and solutions
 - Coming to dead ends in research
 - Thinking about your ancestors can make you smarter!
 - The three ways to break through brick walls
 - Being a detective
2. Understanding births, marriages and deaths
 - Working with births
 - Working with marriages
 - Working with deaths
 - Accuracy of BMD
3. Finding BMD births
 - Ages and dates of births
 - Investigating illegitimacy
4. Finding BMD marriages
 - Dealing with unknown names
 - Errors on BMD marriages
 - Researching divorce and separation
5. Finding BMD deaths
 - Dealing with age inflation
 - Infant mortality
6. Census solutions
 - From Domesday Book to Census Act 1800
 - The Census Act
 - Taking into account census dates
 - Working with the censuses of 1801, 1811, 1821 and 1831
 - Information recorded
 - Allowing for the inaccuracy of the census
7. Understanding parish registers
 - Locating parish registers
 - Dealing with name variations
 - Dates
 - Different types of records
 - Why people converted
 - First names
 - Interpreting relationships
8. Finding parish register christenings
 - Nineteenth-century christening practice
 - Adult baptisms
9. Finding parish register marriages
 - Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act 1753
 - Marrying after banns
 - Marrying by licence
 - Penny marriages
 - Marriage curiosities
10. Finding parish register burials and memorial inscriptions
 - Investigating burials
 - Searching for burials in church and churchyard
 - Burials in cemeteries
 - Researching crematoria
11. Using newspapers as an alternative source
 - Digitization
 - Taking advantage of the genealogical bonanza
 - Researching national and provincial newspapers
 - Searching digitized newspapers
12. Getting more from wills and administrations
 - Is there a will?
 - Where is the will?
13. Directories as a census substitute
 - The rise of directories
 - Locating Victorian directorie
14. Electoral Roll as an alternative source
 - Searching poll books
 - The traditional UK electoral system
 - Suffrage
 - Exclusion of Roman Catholics
 - Votes for women
 - Researching modern electoral rolls
 - Digitization of electoral registers
15. Other alternative sources
 - Searching census substitutes
 - Society of Genealogists
 - Researching coroners' inquests
 - Using Land Tax information
 - Vaccinations
 - Searching old age pensions
 - Getting more from libraries
16. Yet more sources:  the Freedom of Information Acts and the genealogist
 - Accessing military service records, 1921-97
 - Limits to freedom of information
17. Publishing your family tree
 - Online trees
 - Publishing your family tree as a book
 - Writing your family history
 - Distributing your book
18. Oral history
 - Accessing the accuracy of oral history
 - Finding oral history
19. Local history
 - Local history societies
 - Exploring local history topics
 - Researching local history sources online
 - Using title deeds 
 - Land tenure and title deeds
20. Descriptions of an ancestor's home
 - Using maps
 - Tithe maps
21. Cluster genealogy and communities
 - Employing witnesses in cluster genealogy
 - The church as social cluster
 - Using location in cluster genealogy
 - Exploring nineteenth-century migrations
 - Religion and migration
22. Military records
 - County regiments
 - Tracing regiment movements
 - Ranks
23. Occupational records
 - Investigating rural occupations
 - Researching servants
 - Women's labour
 - Researching industrial occupations
 - Professional occupations
24. Ireland: problems and inspiration
 - Records that never existed
 - Records destroyed
 - Records not indexed
 - Is there any good news?
25. International Genealogy
 - Investigating British Empire records
 - Europe
26. Photographs
 - Finding photographs
 - Dating photographs
27. Early Genealogy
 - Scotland
 - Dealing with Latin
 - Finding solutions
 - Solving a Latin puzzle
 - Coping with handwriting
28. Genetics and Genealogy
 - Beware of DNA genealogy
 - Understanding the theory
 - The DNA of the British Isles
 - Employing DNA in one-name studies
29. Heritage
30. Cost-benefit analysis for research
 - Using free sources
 - Good value from online subscription services
 - Regretting BMD costs
 - Notice boards
31. The genealogy industry
 - Looking to the future
Appendix: the top 10 brick wall tips

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