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Soldier: Uniforms of the Australian Army and the Soldiers Who Wore Them

Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 436 pages
Author: P. Rutherford
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781925520835
Other: colour photos
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing 

'Soldier' presents a magnificent collection of highly detailed illustrations depicting uniforms worn by the military forces of this nation from colonial times to the modern era. Accompanying each illustration is the history of the uniform and equipment portrayed and the men and women who wore the uniform and the circumstances of their service. This is a book rich in colour and historical narrative.

This book is much more than simply a description of military uniforms and equipment. Phil Rutherford has spent over 20 years searching for the roots of Australia’s modern army, analysing trends both in dress and in the military art itself. In doing so he has discovered that there is very little about the uniforms worn and the equipment carried by today’s soldiers that can truly be called its own. Even the most iconic symbol of the Australian army, the slouch hat, was not invented by a Victorian volunteer as popular rumour suggests, but was worn by troops in seventeenth-century Europe. In fact, there are significant elements of the army’s dress and equipment, such as the badges of rank worn by both soldiers and officers, which can be traced to the days of knights in shining armour.

'Soldier' seeks to map the links between the army’s modern dress and its earliest antecedents, describing the formation and history of Australia’s army, from the perspective of both the regular and reserve soldiers. This book also reveals the story behind the soldiers themselves — the men and women who wore these uniforms — and the times in which they served since the first volunteers and militias were raised to protect the lives and property of the earliest settlers from adversaries both real and imagined.

List of Plates
1. Capturing History
 - Private, New South Wales Contingent, Sudan 1885
 - Private, Royal Australian Infantry Corps, Afghanistan, 2015
2. Before There Was an Army
3. End of the Redcoat
 - Private, Western Australian Infantry Regiment, 1901
 - Trooper, Western Australian Mounted Infantry, 5th Mounted Infantry Contingent to South Africa, 1901
 - Trooper, Queensland Mounted Infantry, 1901
 - Trooper, South Australian Mounted Rifles, 1902
 - Officer, 11th Infantry Battalion, 1902
 - Nurse, Australian Army Nursing Service, 1903
 - Officer, 1st Volunteer Australian Horse, 1903
 - Sergeant, Roughrider 3rd Australian Horse, 1903
4. Towards Uniformity
 - Trooper, New South Wales Lancers, 1903
 - Officer, New South Wales Lancers, 1903
 - Corporal, Melbourne Cavalry Corps, 1903
 - Officer, Permanent Infantry Commonwealth Pattern, 1903
 - Sergeant, New South Wales Irish Rifles, 1905
 - Trooper, New South Wales Lancers, 1906
 - Private, Infantry Militia, 1906
 - Sergeant, Light Horse, 1906
 - Officer, South Australian Scottish Regiment, 1906
 - Instructor, Permanent Forces Instructional Staff, 1906
 - Sergeant, Australian Army Service Corps, 1906
 - Colour Sergeant, Cameron Highlanders of Western Australia, 1910
5. Desperate Times
 - Corporal, Royal Australian Field Artillery, 1914
 - Nurse, Australian Army Nursing Service, 1915
 - Trooper, Australian Light Horse, Palestine, 1916
 - Private, Australian Imperial Force, Western Front, 1916
 - Officer, Australian Imperial Force, Western Front, 1918
 - Staff Cadet, Royal Military College, 1932
6. A Very Different AIF
 - Private, 61st Battalion Queensland Cameron Highlanders, 1938
 - Gunner, Garrison Artillery, 1938
 - Sergeant, 3rd Battalion (The Werriwa Regiment) Australian Military Forces, 1938
 - Officer, 16th Battalion The Cameron Highlanders of Western Australia, 1939
 - Officer, 10th Light Horse Regiment, 1940
 - Digger, 2nd Australian Imperial Force, Middle East, 1940
 - Sister, Australian Army Nursing Service, Middle East, 1942
 - Sergeant, Australian Women's Army Service, 1945
 - Sergeant, Australian Entertainment Unit, New Guinea, 1945
 - Private, 2nd Australian Imperial Force, South West Pacific Theatre, 1945
7. Out With the Old
 - Private, British Commonwealth Occupation Forces, Japan, 1947
 - Private, K Force, Korea, 1950
 - Private, Royal Australian Regiment, Korea, 1952
 - Private, Royal Australian Regiment, Malaya, 1956
 - Officer Cadet, Western Australian University Regiment, 1957
 - Officer, 4th/19th Prince of Wales's Light Horse, 1960
8. A New Threat Emerges
 - Sergeant, Royal Australian Corps of Signals, Singapore, 1965
 - Sapper, Royal Australian Engineers, South Vietnam, 1966
 - Commander, Australian Forces Vietnam, 1968
 - Signaller, Royal Australian Regiment, South Vietnam, 1969
 - Recruit, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, Kapooka, 1970
 - Sergeant, Australian Army Aviation, South Vietnam, 1970
 - Adviser, Australian Army Training Team Vietnam, 1970
 - Sergeant, Royal Australian Regiment, 1972
9. Marking Tims
 - Trooper, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Royal Australian Armoured Corps, 1980
 - Officer, Royal Australian Corps of Signals, 1981
 - Officer, Women's Royal Australian Army Corps, 1981
 - Colour Party, Royal Australian Infantry Corps, 1981
 - Officer, Royal Australian Corps of Transport, 1985
 - Banner Ensign, Royal Australian Corps of Signals, 1986
 - Corporal, Royal Australian Corps of Transport, 1988
 - Officer, Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps, 1990
 - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Suit, 1991
 - Corporal, Royal Australian Regiment, Somalia, 1992
 - Officer, Australian Intelligence Corps, 1995
 - Instructor, 2nd Commando Company, Mountain Warfare School, 1997
 - Nurse, Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps, East Timor, 1999
10. Preparing for a New Paradigm
 - Trooper, Special Air Service Regiment, Counter-Terrorism Team, 1999
 - Regimental Sergeant Major, 2000
 - Drill Instructor, Royal Military College, 2000
 - Lance Corporal, Federation Guard, 2000
 - Staff Cadet, Royal Military College Duntroon, 2000
 - Corporal, Royal Australian Corps of Military Police, 2001
 - Private, Royal Australian Regiment, East Timor, 2001
 - Corporal, Security Detachment, Iraq, 2009
 - Trooper, Special Operations Task Group, Afghanistan, 2014
 - Officer, Royal Australian Infantry, Scottish Company Army Reserve, 2015
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