Social Networking for Genealogists

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 132 pages
Author: D. Smith
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9780806317953
Other: b&w photos
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Services

This book describes the wide array of social networking services that are now available online and highlights how these services can be used by genealogists to share information, photos, and videos with family, friends, and other researchers. Each chapter guides you through a unique category of social networking services using genealogy-related examples. From blogs and wikis to Facebook and Second Life, author Drew Smith shows you how to incorporate these powerful new tools into your family history research.

Specifically, you'll find chapters devoted to blogs, collaborative editing, genealogy-specific social networks, general social networking (eg. Facebook), message boards & mailing lists, photos & video sharing, podcasts and more! 

This book is about the type of social networking that has been made possible by the development of international computer networks, the availability of network access to most homes (especially broadband access), the creation of websites dedicated to particular kinds of networking (posting photos, viewing and commenting on videos, seeing what books friends have in their libraries, etc.), and the ease of participating in these sites without having to be a computer expert. More to the point, this book is intended to identify those kinds of social networking sites and services that will be of the most interest to genealogists.

1. Introduction
2. RSS
3. Tags
4. Message boards and mailing lists
5. Blogs
6. Wikis
7. Collaborative editing
8. Photo and video sharing
9. Social bookmarking
10. Sharing personal libraries 
11. Podcasts
12. Social networking for its own sake
13. Virtual worlds
14. Genealogy-specific social networking

1 Review
  • Good Pointers for Using Social Networking

    Posted by Ross Hansen on 25th Oct 2023

    The text is a little dated (2009) considering the rapid advances in social networking platforms. I'm a late user of social networking so found this book had very useful guides for blogs, wikis, podcasts and photo-sharing. It is also useful as a history of the development of social networking and the author describes the early days of web feeds and message boards. The book has given me more confidence in using social media in my genealogy research journey.

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Social Networking for Genealogists

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