Ships from Scotland to Australasia 1820-1860

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 52 pages
Author: D. Dobson
Year: 2005
ISBN: 0947284435
Other: sketches, appendix
Publisher: Gould Genealogy

One of the more difficult tasks encountered by genealogists in Australia and New Zealand is establishing the ship on which their ancestors sailed, and the dates of departure from Scotland and arrival in Australasia.

Family historians are keen also keen to know more detail of the type of vessel their immigrant ancestors sailed on, its tonnage, the name of the skipper, port of embarkation, route taken, and similar queries, and this is the data which is contained in the following pages.

Although many Scots emigrated via English ports, there was still a significant number of ships which sailed directly from Scotland to both Australia and New Zealand, all of which had the capacity to carry passengers.

This sources book is, to a very large extent based on searches in Scottish newspapers of the period, with some material also sources from government and archival records in Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand..

Arranged alphabetically by the ship name, this is a great reference work for all with an interest in Scottish shipping.

An example entry: ELIZABETH, a schooner, Captain Hughes, from Glasgow to Melbourne in 1853, arrives there on 10 August 1853. [LCL#4212/4244]

Ships from Scotland to Australasia 1860-1860 A-Z
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Ships from Scotland to Australasia 1820-1860


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