Selections from Old Kerry Records

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Author: M. Hickson
Year: (1872-74) 2006
ISBN: 9781846300578
Publisher: Archive CD Books Ireland

These two books contain a wealth of historical and genealogical information for County Kerry. Compiled by the celebrated Kerry antiquarian and genealogist, Mary Agnes Hickson, they cover a vast range of topics from the medieval period to the 19th century. These include transcripts of many documents since lost. Some of the articles contained in this publication include the 1641 depositions, details of those who lost their lands in the 1688 forfeitures, persons transplanted from Kerry in 1653 and details of the loss of lands under Cromwell in the 1650s. There is an extensive study of the county in the 18th century, a full list of high sheriffs of the county from the 16th to the 19th century, and details of Kerrymen fighting in continental European forces in 1792. The books contain a great deal of specifically genealogical information too, including gravestone inscriptions, family histories and pedigrees (including Blennerhassett and the Knight of Kerry), the Crosbie family papers, and many genealogical notices. The books also contain three reproductions of maps of the county dated 1600 from the Carew Manuscripts. There are many other topics and articles across the 693 pages in these publications. Also of interest the books contain hand-written detailed notes by their former owner, Ellen O'Connell, the daughter of Daniel O'Connell.

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Selections from Old Kerry Records


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