Scandinavian Research Guide

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 136 pages
Author: H. Hansen, R. Maness, A. Eakle & J. Tanner
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781512015461
Other: b&w photos, maps, bibliog
Publisher: Family History Expos

This research guide is designed to help you learn about the records, locations and strategies to find and document Scandinavian families.

You will learn about patronymics and naming patterns, reading gothic script, emigration and immigration sources, how to use gazetteers, all about church records, census records, probate records, military records and more.

Information on the following countries is included: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Greenland.

Please note: this is a US published book, and while the concepts they teach are useful for anyone anywhere, the examples are all US orientated.

Contributing Professionals
Introduction to the New FamilySearch Catalog
 - How to find sources and records in the FamilySearch Catalog
 - Places
 - Author
 - Call Numbers
 - Subject Class Number
 - Entries identified only by volume number and pages
 - Related places
 - Keyword search 
 - Digital documents and sources
 - Places search subject subdivisions
 - Family History Library Call Numbers breakdown
 - Record categories used in the FamilySearch Catalog
Patronymics and Naming Practices of Scandinavia
 - Surnames (Family Names)
 - First Names
The chicken walked here: Learning to read Germanic and Scandinavian gothic script
 - Principles
 - Procedures
 - Selected bibliography and reference aids
Emigration/Immigration sources for Scandinavia
 - Emigration
 - Immigration
 - A bibliographic sampling
Effective use of Scandinavian gazetteers
 - Gazetteers
 - FamilySearch Research Wiki
Learn more ... US sources that lead to Scandinavia
Scandinavia (Nordic) church records
 - Research sources
 - Church records
 - Feast Day dates
 - Scandinavian church records, analysis and evidence
 - Scandinavia (Nordic) church books online
Scandinavia Census records
 - Why you should find your ancestor(s) in ALL censuses
 - Census records for Denmark, Iceland and Norway
 - Finding the records in Denmark, Iceland and Norway
 - Research procedure and census dates for Denmark, Iceland and Norway
 - Online census indexes
 - Census records for Sweden and Finland
 - Finding the records in Finland and Sweden
 - Research procedure for Finland and Sweden
Scandinavian probate records
 - Probate
 - Points to remember when using probate records as a research source
Using Scandinavian military records
 - The records
 - Short bibliography
Printed sources for Scandinavian (Nordic) research
 - Biographical encyclopedias, collections, dictionaries and histories
 - Selected bibliography
Searching on the internet: string search, catalog search and wiki search
 - String search
 - Catalog search
 - Wiki search
Letting, and FamilySearch's Family Tree offer research assistance
Solving Scandinavian (Nordic) brick wall problems
 - A few general problem solving rules to observe for all Scandinavian countries
 - Don't give up!
Beyond parish registers: A case study
 - Sweden, tax lists (mantalsangder)
 - General tax list headings, Sweden (Finland)
 - Research procedure 
 - Catechism records (Katekismilangder (S))
 - Short bibliography
Simple source citations




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Scandinavian Research Guide


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