Researching Irish Land Administration Records

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 168 pages
Author: B.W. Hutchinson
Year: 2004
ISBN: 9781894018616
Other: bibliography
Publisher: Heritage Productions

Land has been the most important element of most societies and the basis of all power and wealth. This certainly has been no different for Ireland and, up until most recently was the nemesis of the Irish people for few were able to own land of their own in this country. It's no secret that the vast majority of our Irish ancestors were simple tenant farmers who had to lease or rent land from the landowner, that was simply the reality of it.

However, the process of landholding was of vital significance to the Irish people, as it affected them dramtically in almost every aspect of their lives: economically, politically and socially. In short it determined such life events as whom they married, what they inherited, how well they lived and where they lived.

This book presents an overview of land tenure in Ireland with some additional brief history of land ownership. We look at the major sources of land records like deeds, valuation surveys, records involving landed and encumbered estates, freehold records, land commission and registry records. And the author has also included details of some special collections, though not easily or readily accessed, and some wonderful collections that precede 1708, dating from as early as the 12th century. For each record we learn the value of it, where to find these records and what they contain.

Overview of Land Tenure
- Land Holders
- Tenants
History of Land Tenure
- Land Occupation to the Bronze Age
- The Celtic Invasions
- Brehon Laws to Irish Ownership and Succession
- English Land Tenure of Ireland
- Land Wars, Reforms and Regulations

Major Recorded Collections
- Land Deeds
- Property Valuation Records
- Landed Estate Records
- Encumbered Estate Records
- Freehold Land Ownership Records
- Miscellaneous Special Land Records
- Land Commission Records
- Land Registry Office Records

Final Comments
Further Reading
Major Archives and Repositories in Northern Ireland
Major Archives and Repositories in the Republic Ireland
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Researching Irish Land Administration Records


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