Regional Australia and the Great War: 'The Boys from Old Kio'

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 272 pages
Author: P. Payton
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9780859898737
Other: b&w photos, index
Publisher: University of Exeter Press

From the author's Preface ... "All books of non-fiction are to a degree autobiographical". it is hard to disagree with the opinion of Paul Fussell, express in his volume The Great War and Modern Memory

Philip Payton wasn't born until after the Second World War, and his grandfather who lived with the family, had fought in the Great War, but as seemed to be the thing, it was rarely mentioned.

"Aged eight, I was in Grade Four at primary school in South Perth in Western Australia, immersed in Social Studies through Activities, a volume designed to introduce the inquisitive young minds to history, geography and what was called citizenship. It was here that I can my classmates learned the significance of Anzac Day. 'April 25th is Anzac Day', announced Social Studies: 'On that day every year schools and shops and offices are closed while people pay honour to those who died in World War I and World War II, and later wars'. The very first Anzac Day, it explained, was 25 April 1915, when 'thousands of Australian and New Zealand soldiers, who were ever afterwards known as Anzacs', went ashore in 'the half light of dawn' at Gallipoli.

Philip Payton provides a vivid insight into the experiences of regional Australia (particularly those from Moonta in South Australia) during the Great War of 1914-18. He writes of the homefront experience, interweaving it with the battlefront to show how intimately connected each was with the other.

List of Illustrations
1. 'A different war': The regional experience
2. 'To make Australia's name glorious': Kio goes to war
3. 'Out motto is "dig on, dig ever"': Gallipoli
4. 'Mothers, Manliness and Moonta': The Somme
5. 'I'm fed up with England now': Blighty
6. 'Not only Germany's war: it's Rome's war too': Conscription
7. 'Doing their best for the Empire': Australia Triumphant
8. 'Returning with the scars of deadly conflict': Aftermath
Epilogue: 'The hub of the universe?'

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Regional Australia and the Great War: 'The Boys from Old Kio'

MSRP: $69.95
You save $24.95

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