Rank and Badges in the Australian and American Navy, Army and RAAF

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Media: BOOK, 32 pages
Year: c1943
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

A very scarce publication

Published circa 1943, this book was designed to assist the public to recognise the arms and branches of the Australian, and American services. In full colour, it shows the various 'braid, chevrons, cloth and metal devices' and 'some of the more characteristics badges worn by serving-members'.

In addition it also covers the Australian Auxilliaries (W.A.A.A.F. and A.W.A.S.), types of Allied and enemy aircraft, British naval craft, medals and decorations of the U.S.A. and British Empire, flags of the nations.



Th:s book of "Rank and Badges” has been designed to assist the public in recognising the various arms and branches of the services. By means of braid, chevrons, and cloth and metal devices on the various uniforms, rank and other information concerning the wearer is made visible. The book shows some of the more characteristic badges worn by serving-members of the Royal Australian Navy, the Army, the R.A.A.F., and the Navy, Army and Air Corps of the U.S.A., as well as two of the Auxiliary Organisations. In these days when so many people are wearing uniforms such questions as: "What is he?" ’What is he in?" "What is that?" are constantly recurring, and with the aid of this book many of them may be quickly answered. To those who are familiar with the more important distinctions it will be of help in explaining the meaning of the many rank, proficiency and specialist badges which are frequently seen but are not readily recognisable without a very extensive knowledge of the various organisations. 

It has not been possible to include all the information which may be required and so the selection has been confined to the more important services and such omissions as there are cast no reflection upon any organisation whose badges have not been included through lack of space.

The greatest care has been taken in accurately compiling this book; in the collection of information; in the drawings and in the colouring, and while there may be some inaccur acies, it is hoped that all but the minor errors have been eliminated.

Acknowledgment is made of the very kind assistance given by the Royal Australian Navy, the Army, the Royal Australian Air Force, and the United States Navy, Army and Air Corps, who co-operated in the supply and checking of much of the material in this book.


  • Australian Women’s Army Service
  • Aircraft Distinguishing Marks
  • Aircraft Types
  • Army Officers' Badges of Bank
  • Army, W.O/s and N.C.O/s Badges of Rank
  • Army, some distinctive "Stars”
  • Australian Army Badge
  • Executive Branch Officers, Royal Australian Navy
  • Flags of the Nations
  • Full Dress Cuffs, Royal Australian Navy
  • Medals and Decorations
  • Petty Officers and Ratings Badges, R.A.N. and Reserves
  • Petty Officers and Ratings Caps and Cap Badges, R.A.N. and Reserves 
  • Royal Australian Air Force Officers' Badges of Rank, etc.
  • R.A.A.F. Badges of W.O.'s, N.C.O/s, etc.
  • R.A.N. and Reserves, Badges of Petty Officers & Ratings
  • R.A.N. Executive Branch Officers
  • R.A.N. Officers of Branches other than Executive
  • R.A.N. Reserve
  • R.A.N. Volunteer Reserve
  • Shoulder Straps, Great-coats, R.A.N.
  • Uniforms, Types of, Navy, Army, and R.A.A.F.
  • Uniforms, Types of, W.A.A.A.F. and A.W.A.S.
  • Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force
  • Types of British Naval Craft



  • Badges of Petty Officers and Ratings
  • Executive Branch Officers
  • Executive Branch Officers' Shoulder Markings
  • Executive Branch Officers' Pin-on Miniature Rank Devices
  • Other Branches, Metal Insignias
  • Petty Officers' and Ratings' Specialty and Distinguishing Marks
  • Petty Officers' Corps Devices


  • Army Officers' Badges of Rank
  • Aide to General's Badge 
  • Badge of Adjutant General’s Department
  • Badge of General Staff Corps
  • Badges of the Various Arms
  • Badges of the Various Services
  • Command Pilot's Badge
  • Military Intelligence Badge
  • Military Police Badge
  • N.C.O.'s and Enlisted Men
  • Nurses* Corps Badge
  • Pilot’s Radges
  • Rank and Appointment Badges
  • Uniforms, Types of, U.S. Navy, Army, and Air Corps
  • W.O.'s Cap Badge
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Rank and Badges in the Australian and American Navy, Army and RAAF

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