Queensland Commonwealth Electoral Roll 1922

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Year: 2006
ISBN: 1921171030
Publisher: Queensland Family History Society

This CD indexes the details from the Commonwealth Electoral Roll of approximately 419,000 electors registered in Queensland in 1922. Entries cover name, title, sex, place of living, occupation, roll number, subdivision and division. The index allows direct searching on name, year and the other details with QFHSdatasearch.

This is an excellent starting point for researching families living in Queensland at the time, and is a unique source of public information on individuals. It covers all electors recorded in the rolls held in the National Archives of Australia and lists all the information recorded in the rolls. Combining the range of information with the search specifications and sorting facilities in QFHSdatasearch can be particularly useful for locating family groups, for example by specifying a surname and sorting on place of living within polling place.

The 1922 electoral roll follows the major shifts caused by World War I. It was compiled after a redistribution of electorates and the CD includes maps showing the new Division boundaries. Enrolment was compulsory, though voting was not, so Queenslanders from all walks of life are present in the index.

QFHSdatasearch is a generic interface designed to search genealogy databases and developed by the Queensland Family History Society Inc. This version features field oriented and keyword searches, Boolean selection, sorting, wildcard searches and, when applicable, links between search results and images held in pdf files of the source records.

-- Further information on each of the fields --
Each subdivision has sequential numbers for all the electors listed on the roll and these have been included to assist in the location of the name in the original record - though the names are generally in alphabetic order it is not always the case. In two subdivisions, (Ithaca and Mt Morgan), the numbers and names are not aligned for portions of the list resulting in one more number than names on the page.

Surname Surname of each elector

Given Names Christian names of each elector, at full length

Title These have been placed into a separate field (junr., senr., Rev., &c.)

Sex M or F - however, there are many cases in the original lists where the name and sex do not appear to match (for example, 16 dressmakers are listed as males even though their names are obviously female). Occasionally, this field has been left blank in the original lists; in some entries the sex has been recorded as "B" and "H".

Place of Living This field may include a full street and town address, just a street address, just a town address, a property name, or other description. We have indexed this field exactly as recorded and made no inferences about any part of the address if it is not recorded in the original lists.

Occupation This has been entered exactly as recorded in the lists. To find all electors with a particular occupation it will be necessary to use a keyword search. This will allow location of, say, "photographer" and "assistant photographer".

Subdivision and Division These fields identify the roll on which the electors were registered.

Apparent inconsistencies Since we have recorded the information exactly as listed there will appear to be some inconsistencies in the data - for example, Surnames of all the members of a family at a given address do not always agree; Addresses given under Place of Living are not always consistently recorded for the members for a family.

Multiple entries of an elector can occur. Some electors are listed more than once.

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Queensland Commonwealth Electoral Roll 1922


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