Preparation and Practice for Genealogy Professionals

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 266 pages
Author: Dr. P. Christensen, B. Dougall Merriman
Year: 2009
ISBN: 1897220057
Other: further reading
Publisher: Heritage Productions

Let's face it, anyone can hang out a sign and call themselves a professional genealogist. However some are neither trained properly nor properly experienced in the field, with some even hjaving unprofessonal attitudes.

The authors have not find any country that has regulatory licensing to govern the practice and conduct of professional genealogists. You don't hear the usage of  'professial engineer' or 'professional lawyer', and these professions do have self-regulating agencies.

However we are in the habit of using the term 'professional genealogist' to describe a business-person simply because genealogy and family history are the hobby of millions of people worldwide.

If you are, or are wishing to become a professional genealogist, this book describes professional standards and practices for the serious genealogist and family historian. Experience, education, standards, business planning, services and fees, plus much more are covered in these pages.
Professional Requirements
Becoming Professional
Brief Review of Research Standards
Educational Opportunities
Credentialing Bodies
Board for Certification of Genealogists
International Commission for Accreditation of Professional Genealogists

Business Services & Your Office
Business Planning
Office Planning
Home Library
Your Desk
Research Services
Marketing Your Services
Client Management
Answering Enquiries
Who Is This Potential Client?
Agreements and Contracts
Client Scheduling
The 7 Folder System for Client Work
Your Briefcase
Working With Colleagues
The Professional Image
Research Planning and Reporting
Research Planning
Suggested Steps in Research Planning
Small Case Example
Report Writing
Types of Reports
Essential Elements of A Formal Report
Citing Your Sources
Writing, Lecturing, Teaching
Lecturing & Speaking
Still More Options
Standards & Guidelines
Confidentiality and Privacy
Copyright and the Law
Ethical Accountability & Planning
Further Reading
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Preparation and Practice for Genealogy Professionals


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