Practical Genealogy: 50 Simple Steps to Research Your Diverse Family History

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 190 pages
Author: B. Sheffey
Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781646115662
Other:  b&w photos, appendix, websites, index
Publisher: Rockridge Press

The pursuit of family history tends to be shaped by several motives, including finding a larger familial historical picture, preserving the past for future generations, and storytelling. 'Practical Genealogy' provides a method for investigating your family history by establishing an understanding of genealogy and the factors, tasks, and obstacles involved in the research. The end goal: find the information necessary to piece together your heritage.

Follow 50 steps that will fill in the puzzle of your lineage. Learn how to perform your own investigation through the lens of real-world obstacles like tracing ancestry through adoptions and orphanages. 'Practical Genealogy' simplifies and breaks down the complex research process into actionable tips that can be conducted over a period of time. And most importantly, no blood test is necessary.

Inside 'Practical Genealogy' you’ll find:

  • Break through barriers—Learn how to negotiate common "brick wall" issues like missing chunks of family history or multiple names found for the same person.
  • Case studies—Examples of actual genealogy research are provided to support the comprehension of each step of your exploration.
  • See the BIG picture—Large fonts and easy-to-read images make learning easy for older adults.

Please note: as this is a US published title, a number of the references relate to US records.

Step 1. The 5 Fundamental Ws of Research
Step 2. What's Your Starting Point?
Step 3. Stay Organized
Step 4. Explore Helpful Online Databases
Step 5. Document Your Research
Step 6. Develop a Research Outline
Step 7. Reflect
Step 8. Nationality, Race, Ethnicity, Culture, and Ancestry
Step 9. Genetic and Ancestral Research: There's a Big Difference
Step 10. Preserve and Share Your Family's Story
Step 11. Access Public Information
Step 12. Save Your Photos
Step 13. Create a Genealogy Timeline
Step 14. What Can Census Records do for You?
Step 15. Explore Marriage Records
Step 16. Examine Vital Records
Step 17. Explore Your Heritage
Step 18. Access Land Titles
Step 19. Retrieve Military Records
Step 20. Genealogy Research: In Person Versus Online
Step 21. Explore Local History
Step 22. Make Use of Maps
Step 23. The Most Common Brick Walls in Research
Step 24. Conduct International Research
Step 25. Cite Sources
Step 26. Use Newspapers in Genealogical Research
Step 27. Begin African American Research
Step 28. Identify Community Support
Step 29. Identify Worthwhile Blogs
Step 30. What's a Pioneer Certificate
Step 31. Research Naturalization Records
Step 32. Ellis Island and the Multiple Ellis Islands for Enslaved Africans
Step 33. Search and Use Naturalization Records
Step 34. Find and Review Passenger Ship Logs
Step 35. Track Down Elusive Arrival and Naturalization Records
Step 36. Write a Successful Record Request
Step 37. Search for Published Family Histories
Step 38. Listen to the Music of Your Heritage
Step 39. Searching for Orphaned, Adopted, and Bound-Out Children
Step 40. Reflect
Step 41. The Importance of Migration Routes
Step 42. Understand Ancestral Financial Records
Step 43. Review Coroner's Records and Obituaries
Step 44. Visit a Cemetery
Step 45. Investigate an Industry
Step 46. Write Your Family's Ethnic/Immigrant Story
Step 47. Make a Family Heirloom
Step 48. Track Down Out-of-Print Items
Step 49. Bring Your Research Logs to Life
Step 50. Reflect
Appendix A. Finding a Lost Connection to the Weeping Time Slave Trade
Appendix B. Citation Formats by Information Source Type



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Practical Genealogy: 50 Simple Steps to Research Your Diverse Family History

MSRP: $27.50
You save $6.00

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