Polish Roots

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 300 pages
Author: R. Chorzempa
Year: (1993) 2014
ISBN: 9780806320045
Other: 2nd ed., b&w photos, maps, further reading, addresses
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Company

Polish genealogy is almost completely defined by geography and history. Situated in the centre of Europe, Poland has been foster mother to people of many different nationalities, especially Russians, Austrians, Germans, Ukrainians and Lithuanians--people belonging to the nation states that exercised dominion over it. It has also been host over the centuries to Balkan and Carpathian Slavs, to Jews, Prussians, Balts, Gypsies, and even Scots, so the Polish genealogical landscape is actually a mosaic. To explore it properly is to cross the overlapping boundaries of language, religion, geography and history. The second edition of this pioneering work on Polish family history provides the researcher with the most up-to-date to succeed in genealogical research in each of these area?

Since the publication of the original edition of 'Polish Roots', the have been many advances in Polish genealogy research. The Internet has made the task of locating Polish ancestors much easier, as more information and images are made available online. In addition, there has been a marked rise in interest in genealogy in Poland, resulting in a great increase in the of Polish genealogical societies available and the amount these exciting developments, with a new Introduction, four brand new chapters, with others rewritten and new updates throughout.

The bulk of the book is focused on research in Poland, as the author shows the reader how to find and use church and civil records; how and where to locate research services, libraries, and archives; how to make sense of Polish names and the naming practices of the major ethnic groups; and how, ultimately, to deal with the Polish language. To clinch it, there is even a letter-writing guide, a transliteration of queries and requests to be sent to Polish churches, civil record offices, and institutions for purposes of obtaining assistance.

Note, this is an American-published book, so many of the references to records are US-orientated.

List of Illustrations

Part 1: Research in America
Chapter 1: Valuable Records
Chapter 2: Polish Genealogical Research in America
Chapter 3: Polish Genealogical Societies in America

Part 2: Research in Poland
Chapter 4: Life in Poland
Chapter 5: Other Ethnic Groups in Poland
Chapter 6: Geographic and Ethnic Areas of Poland
Chapter 7: Maps and Gazetteers
Chapter 8: Research Using Records from Poland
Chapter 9: Church Records
Chapter 10: Civil Records
Chapter 11: Surnames
Chapter 12: Christian or First Names
Chapter 13: Breaking the Language Barrier
Chapter 14: Writing Letters to Poland
Chapter 15: Additional Reading

Part 3: Online Polish Roots
Chapter 16: Online Polish Genealogical Research in America
Chapter 17: Online Research Using Records from Poland
Chapter 18: Polish Genealogy Research in the Digital Age

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Polish Roots


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