Polish Genealogy: 4 Steps to Success

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 162 pages
Author: S. Szabados
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781490436494
Other: b&w photos, maps, appendixes, index
Publisher: Independently Published

When did your Polish ancestors immigrate, from where did they leave, why did they leave, how did they get here? These are questions we all hope to find the answers. The four steps outlined by the author will give a simple method to do your Polish genealogy research and will help you find your ancestors. The methods used are designed to give the researcher the tools to be more successful in finding their Polish origins. The book outlines a simple process that will identify where your ancestors were born and where to find their Polish records. Other books may have great reference materials but this book will help find the records. The author, Stephen Szabados, uses his own genealogical research experience to outline this simple process that has been successful for him.

The book lists many sources of information that will add to your family history; identify where your ancestors were born and where to find their Polish records. Traditional sources are covered but it also discusses many new and exciting sources for Polish records that have been implemented by genealogy societies in Poland. The book includes many screen prints of internet pages and includes explanations on how to use them. The hints and tips discussed should prove useful for both the beginner and the veteran genealogist. The information in this book covers numerous sources for Polish genealogy and will be an invaluable resource when doing Polish research.

- Polish Immigration
- Where to start
1. Step 1 (Finding Town Names)
- Documents from Poland
- Interview relatives
- Marriage Records
- Naturalization Petitions
- Passenger Manifests
- Social Security Application
- Military Records
- Employment Records
- Death records
2. Step 2 (Find Possible Locations)
- History of the Polish Border Changes
- Use Gazetteers
- Use Maps
3. Step 3 (Find Polish Records)
- Family History Center records
- Online Databases
- Jewish Research
- Other Records in Poland
- Hiring Local Researchers
4. Step 4 (Translate Polish Records)
- Record formats
- Polish alphabet
- Old German Handwriting Chart
- Translating the Records
5. Desperate Measures
- Message Boards
- Google
- Online Family Trees
6. Genealogy Education
Final Comments
Appendix A. Useful Books and Websites
Appendix B. Other Alphabets
1 Review
  • Polish Genealogy 4 Steps to Success

    Posted by Rod Austin on 19th Nov 2021

    This book has so many hints and tips it's difficult to pinpoint those that would be helpful and/or useful. Although the book has many US references, especially in Chapter 1 but still recommend it be read. Chapter 2 explains how Poland was "partitioned" by various countries over many years which can cause headaches for the family history researcher. Throughout the book there are good illustrations e.g. maps, websites and various documents, that assist with understanding where places are and where to locate documents. Remembering that websites and documentations may be in Polish so one may require a translator to assist in understand what is found. There is some basic information that can be used in other areas of research even if there are no Polish ancestors in ones own family tree. Like always, the big takeaway is, ALWAYS reference and source documents found. This makes it easier to either pick up from where research is at and not waste time going over the same ground AND for others to locate documents should they need to view what has already been located. Overall, extremely satisfied with this purchase.

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Polish Genealogy: 4 Steps to Success


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