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Pacific Fury: How Australia and Her Allies Defeated the Japanese

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 576 pages
Author: P. Thomson
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9781741667141
Other: maps, bibliog, index
Publisher: William Heinemann Australia

Written by a master storyteller 'Pacific Fury' vividly portrays the barbarity, the sacrifice and the bravery of the Pacific War, from Pearl Harbor to Kokoda to Hiroshima. Peter Thompson presents, for the first time, an account of the conflict that places Australian voices and action at the heart of the struggle and recreates the battles of land, sea and air in a single volume like never before.

Wiping away the smears of General MacArthur, who said Australian diggers had no fighting spirit, and WInston Churchill, who said they came from 'bad stock', 'Pacific Fury' brings this epic conflict to life in a sensational history, not to be bettered in a generation.

Note on Measurements
Introduction: Their Rightful Place

Part 1. Rising Sun 1853-1941
1. Destruiny's War
2. Japanese Jingo
3. Faulty Powers
4. Imperial Illusions
5. To the Brink
6. Last Chance
7. First Shots
8. Pearl Harbor

Part 2. Darkets Days 1941-42
9. Manila Mayhem
10. Phillips' Folly
11.Hong Kong Horror
12. Retreat to Batman
13. Failure in Malaya
14. Dugout Doug
15. Bennett's Blunder
16. Singapore's Shame
17. Hurley Burly
18. Wavell's Nightmare

Part 3. Afternoon Light 1942-44
19. 'I Shall Return'
20. Saving Australia
21. Soul Sisters
22. Sitting Ducks
23. Kokoda Knife-edge
24. 'Kioll Yamamoto'
25. Life in Captivity
26. Leap Year

Part 4. Atomic Sunset 1944-45
27. With the Chindits
28. Allies at War
29. Leyte Gulf
30. China in Crisis
31. Battle of Manila
32. Bloody Borneo
33. Seared to Death
Epilogue: Libertion
Notes and References

'Thompson has written a valuable general account of an enormous and complex subject and provides an excellent starting point for developing an appreciation of the Pacific War, and of Australia's part in in; - The Australian Literary Review

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