Out-of-Style: An Illustrated Guide to Vintage Fashions 19th-21st Centuries

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 368 pages
Author: B. Kreisel Shubert
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9780486819884
Other: 2nd ed., sketches, bibliog, index
Publisher: Dover Publishing

Have you wondered what era hoops came in and went out? What about the ringlet curls? And when was the "Boater" hat popular?

Former columnist/illustrator for Ancestry Magazine, Betty Kreisel Shubert, produced "Out-of-Style: A Modern Perspective of How, Why and When Vintage Fashions Evolved" back in 2013. This ground breaking book inspired by the need of genealogists to date old family pictures, as well as the research needs of costume designers, theatre companies, social historians, vintage clothing collectors and fashionistas.

Covering all facets of mens, womens and childrens clothing, accessories and appearance (facial hair, hairstyles etc) - this book became the bible for anyone wanting to know what style was in what era. Hoops, bustles, hats, undergarments, hemline lengths, shapes of sleeves, and the fabrics used, are all covered in this phenomenal book.

"Out-of-Style" has now been updated and expanded, and it really is a must for anyone interested in vintage fashion, or who uses fashion to date old photographs.

Author’s Notes: How This Book Was Born

Part 1. The 19th Century 1830-1900
1. Evolution in a Thimble 1830-1900
- Illustration: Overview of the Primary Silhouettes of Each Decade 1830 to 1900
- How Fashions Go Forward and Sometimes Back Again
2. Illustration: The Shapes of 
Hoop Skirts
- How They Grew and Why They Died
3. The Nine Sequential Phases of the Rise and Fall and Rise (Again!) of the Bustle
- Illustrations – What was Hiding Under her Bustle?
- Style Clues of the Nine Phases from 1860 to 1892
 - Illustration: The Nine Phases of the Bustle (followed by its Final Demise)
4. The Out-Of-Style Fashion Show
- Illustraion: Invitation to an Out-of-Style Fashion Show
- From Stylish to Obsolete in a Few Short Years
5. When Proportions Change
- Illustration: Proportions Change at their Most Extreme to a Completely Opposite Look
- Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
- Illustration:– Ever-Changing Erogenous Zones
- The Pressure to Conform (Even if it Kills You!)
- Illustration:– Foot Fetishes and Fashion Victims
- The Pressure to Conform (Even if it Gives You Bunions!)
- Arrested Development: Women Who Wait Too Long
6. How Undergarments Affected the Posture and Shape of Women’s Bodies
- Illustration:  How the Changing Shape of Corsets Changed the Shape of Women and Their Clothes
- All About Corsets … (How Fitting!)
- Tight Lacing
- Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
- A Good Body Never Goes Out-of-Style
- From Upholstered Bodies to “Look Ma! No Bra!”
- News Flash! … 600 Year Old Bra Found in Medieval Castle!
- From Thick Stockings to Sheer Pantyhose in a Few Hundred Years
7. Special Occasion Clothes
- Illustration:  The Milestones of Reform Dress
- The Milestones of Reform Dress and the Birth of the Bloomer Girl
- Illustration:– Wedding Veils and Hairstyles
- Vintage Wedding Gowns and Veils
- Illustration: The Comfort of Mother Hubbard Dresses While “"Heavy with Child”"
- The Evolution of Maternity Clothing
- Illustration:  First Phase Mourning Dress for a Year and a Day
- How to Recognize Mourning Clothes in a Vintage Photograph
- The Four Stages of Mourning in 19th Century
- Mourning in the 20th Century
- Mourning Dress is Dead!
- The Colors of Mourning
- Life (and Weddings) Must Go On
- Mourning Jewelry
- Illustration:  From Baggy Bloomers to Sexy Bikinis
- The Evolution of Bathing Suits
8. Modern Improvements
- Illustration: –Early Photography
 - How Early Photography Froze Moments in Time so That we Can Look at the Past
- The First Sewing Machines
- Illustration: Before Washing Machines and Dryers
- Wash Day Over a Wash Tub
- Illustration: Permanent Wave Machine
- Women'’s Hairstyle Notes –19th to 20th Century
9 How to Trace Your Ancestors… ... Literally!
- Illustration: Tracing Your Ancestors from Photographs
- Style Clues That Result From Tracings
10. Overview of Women’'s Clothes in the 19th Century
- Style Clues for the Fashion Detective
- Illustrations and Descriptive Text 
-  1840-1850s
- 1850-1860s
- 1860-1870s
- 1870-1880s
- 1880-1890s
- 1890-1900s
11. Overview – Men'’s Clothes the the 19th Century
- Style Clues for the Fashion Detective
- Illustrations and Descriptive Text
- 1840-1850s
- 1850-1860s
- 1860-1870s
- 1870-1880s
- 1880-1890s
- 1890-1900s
12. Children’s Clothes 19th Century
- Illustration:– From Pantaloons to Pants
- When Little Boys Wore Dresses and Little Girls Wore Pantaloons
- Illustration: Little Lord Fauntleroy and His Sister
- Overview of Children's Clothes in the 19th Century
13. Boys'’ Clothes in the 19th Century
- Style Clues Decade by Decade 1840-1900s
- Illustrations and Descriptive Text
- 1840-1850s
- 1850-1860s
- 1860-1870s
- 1870-1880s
- 1880-1890s
- 1890-1900s
14. Girls’' Clothes in the 19th Century- Style Clues Decade by Decade 1840-1900s
- Illustrations and Descriptive Text
- 1840-1850s
- 1850-1860s
- 1860-1870s
- 1870-1880s
- 1880-1890s
- 1890-1900s

Part Two: The 20th Century 1900-2000
15. Overview of Women's Clothes in the 20th Century 
- Illustration: The Bottom Line About Hemlines and the March to Modernity in 100 Years
- The Evolution of Hemlines Over 100 Years
- The March to Modernity
16. The First Two Decades 1900-1920s
- Illustration:  Women'’s Dress Variations 1900-1914
- Turn of Century Silhouettes
- Illustration: Women'’s Dress Variations 1912-1919
- Designer Paul Poiret and the Demise of the Hourglass Figure
- How Tailor-Made Suits and Sears, Roebuck Catalogs Helped Unify America
- Shirtwaist Blouses and Showbiz Gossip
- The Color Alice-Blue and The Birth of Teddy Bears
- Illustration:– Women's Hats 1900-1914
- The Changing Shapes of Millinery 1900-1920s
- Illustration: Women's Hats 1906-1920s
17. America On The Road
- Illustration: Automobile Touring Clothes 1900-1920s
- Automobile Touring Clothes
- Photograph: 1916 Elgin automobile
- How WWI Jodphurs and Riding Britches Replaced Dusters and Hats
18. Fashion Changes 1920-1960s
- Illustration:– Women's Dress Variations 1920-1930
- Who Put the Roar in the Roaring Twenties?
- Illustration:– Hats and Hairstyles 1920-1930
- Everything Changed in the 1930s
- Illustration:– Women's Dress Variations 1930-1940
- Illustration: Women's Hats 1930-1945
- Illustration: Women's– Hats 1940-1950s
- Illustration: Women's Hairstyles 1940-1950s
- Illustration: Women's Fashion Variations 1940-1950s
- Fashions of the Forties and Hollywood Boulevard
- "“Frantic Forties” Party" Invitation
- Newspaper Clipping: As Time Goes By"
- Illustration: Women's Fashion Variations 1950-1960s
- The "New Look" for Women in the 1950s
- Illustration: Women's Hairstyles 1950-1960s
- The New Look for Movies
- The New Look for Las Vegas
- The Phenomenon of the Fifties Felt Skirt
- Illustration: Fashion Photography, Spring 1934
- The Changing Styles of Fashion Photography
- The Origin of Fashion Shows
- Chanel'’s Influence on Clothes Designed for the Movies
- Authenticity of Period Costumes Designed for the Movies
19. The Psychology Of Clothes
- The Blue Velveteen Suit
- The Eccentric Dresser
- What is “Good Taste”?
- The Twenty-five-year-old Dress
20. Overview of Men'’s Clothes in the– 20th Century
- Style Clues for the Fashion Detective
- Illustrations and Descriptive Text
- Men's Clothes
- Zippers and the Prince of Wales
- The "“New Look"” for Men. Early 1950s
- Illustrations 1900-1910
- Illustrations 1910-1920s
- Illustrations 1920-1930s
- Illustrations 1930-1940s
- Illustrations 1940-1950s
- Illustrations 1950-1960s
21. Overview of Children's Clothes in the 20th Century
- Typical Examples of What Children Wore 1900-1960s
- Long Denims and Short Shorts 12950-1960s
- Illustrations and Descriptive Text
- Boys' Clothes 1900-1910
- Girls' Clothes 1900-1910
- Boys' Clothes 1910-1920
- Girls' Clothes 1910-1920 
- Boys' Clothes 1920-1930
- Girls' Clothes 1920-1930
- Boys' Clothes 1930-1940
- Girls' Clothes 1930-1940
- Boys' Clothes 1940-1950
- Girls' Clothes 1940-1950
- Boys' Clothes 1950-1960
- Girls' Clothes 1950-1960
About the Author

Reviews (relating to the 1st edition):
"A book like this is of obvious profit to the Genealogist, knowledge of fashion can help date old photographs. However, there is more to this book. There is a history as to where and how the garments your ancestors wore were designed and made. ... Shubert spared nothing in her efforts to assure every detail in this book was covered. ... 
One of my favorite elements of the book is the illustrations. ... From the 1900s, the author reveals carefully studied fashions, looking for and sharing the everyday wardrobe. These are the clothes your ancestors wore." - Leland Meitzler, The Genealogy Blog

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Out-of-Style: An Illustrated Guide to Vintage Fashions 19th-21st Centuries


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