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Our Family Tree: A History of Our Family

Publisher: Chartwell Books

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - hardcover, 144 pages
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9780785836599
Publisher: Chartwell Books

Record your family's history and pass it on to future generations with "Our Family Tree", a leather-bound hardcover book engraved with a silver-colored tree that will become an invaluable keepsake for any family. 

As technology advances and the world seems to move at an ever faster pace, people have become more interested in slowing down and finding where they came from. With the multiple places online to track DNA and trace your lineage, it's important to have a physical place to combine and record the important details. 

A family record is more than names, dates, and places. It is about the people: what they did, how they travelled, why they came, and where they ended up. In one volume, you can record the stories of your ancestors and pass them to your children and future generations, never to be lost or forgotten.

With sections for the origins of your family, family photographs, and memorable events, this book will hold a special place on your shelf for generations to come. Also, the "how to" section will help you trace your family's history, including how to obtain records, and what institutions are available for further assistance. 

"Our Family Tree" is the perfect book for families interested in their history and preserving a record of it for future generations.

Our Family
Husband's Genealogy
Wife's Genealogy
Our Children
Our Grandchildren and Descendants
Our Family Tree
Husband's Ancestral Chart
Husband's Family
Husband's Parents Family
Husband's Grandparents (Father's side)
Husband's Grandparents (Mother's side)
Husband's Great Grandparents
Wife's Ancestral Chart
Wife's Family
Wife's Parents Family
Wife's Grandparents (Father's side)
Wife's Grandparents (Mother's side)
Wife's Great Grandparents
Citizenship Record
Religious Occasions
Our Places of Worship
In Memoriam
Our Homes
Our Ancestors' Homes
Schools and Graduations
Clubs and Organizations
Companies Where We Worked
Military Service Records
Special Friends
Our Pets
Favourite Things (His and Hers)
Favourite Things (Children)
Collections and Heirlooms
Favourite Sports
Favourite Hobbies
Events to Remember
Oral History
Extraordinary Events
Vital Statistics




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