Origins of Popular Superstitions, Customs and Ceremonies

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (273 pages)
Author: T. Knowlson
Year: (1910) 2006
ISBN: 9781845942304
Publisher: Archive CD Books GB

A wonderful book, just applicable today as it was when it was written, or in the times relating to our ancestors.

Superstitions and customs relating to days and seasons; marriage
superstitions and customs; divination and omens, and lots more.

Without a doubt England was a place of folklore, and superstitions, so if you're wanting to find out the origins behind those 'old wives tale' superstitions ... have a read, it is fascinating.

This CD contains high quality scanned images of the whole of the original book, and the CD has been bookmarked for easy navigation. Pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.


Section1. Superstitions and Customs Relating to Days of the Week
1. Candlemas Day
2. St Valentine's Day
3. Simnel Sunday
4. Maunday Thursday
5. Shrove Tuesday
6. Good Friday
7. Good Friday Loaves
8. Picking up Sixpences at Smithfield
9. Easter Holidays
10. Biddenden Cakes
11. Easter Eggs
12. Knutsford: May Queen and Morris Dances
13. Furry Dance - Helston
14. Baal Fire - St John's Eve
15. Hock Tide
16. Garland Day at Abbotsbury
17. Ascension Day "Beating the Bounds"
18. Ascension Day - other superstitions
19. All Fools' Day
20. Lichfield Greenhill Bower
21. Lammas Day
22. Harvest Home: the Kern Baby
23. Halloween
24. The Fifth of November
25. Wroth Money
26. Christmas
27. Christmas Boxes
28. Yule Logs
29. Lucky and Unlucky Days

Section 2. Marriage Superstitions and Customs
1. The Engagement Ring
2. Kissing the Bride
3. Wedding Rings and Bride Cake
4. Bridesmaids and Best Man
5. May Marriages
6. Throwing the Shoe
7. The Dunmow Flitch of Bacon
8. Selling Wives
9. Christening Customs

Section 3. Divination and Omens
1. Dreams
2. Witchcraft
3. Divination by Books
4. The Divining (Dowsing) Red
5. Palmistry
6. Astrology
7. Crystal-gazing
8. Colour Superstitions
9. Numbers
10. Amulets, Gems, Charms and Talismans
11. Omens - Introductory
12. Looking-glass Omens
13. Stumbling and Falling
14. Spilling the Salt
15. Thirteen at Table
16. The Owl
17. Howlings of Dogs
18. Ear Tingling
19. Sneezing
20. Spitting
21. Knife Superstitions
22. Sharks following Ships
23. Black Cats
24. The Cuckoo
25. Comets

Section 4. Miscellaneous Superstitions and Customs
1. Holy Wells
2. The Horn Dance: Abbot's Bromley
3. "Telling the Bees"
4. The Death Bell
5. Vampires
6. Robin Redbreast
7. Drinking Customs
8. Yew Trees in Churchyards
9. Theatre Superstitions
10. Christening Ships
11. Horse Shoe Tributes at Oakham Castle
12. The Duty of Not Saving a Drowning Man
13. Playing Card Superstitions 

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Origins of Popular Superstitions, Customs and Ceremonies


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