Organizing the Mountains of Paper

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 108 pages + 19 charts
Author: L. St Denis
Year: 2002
ISBN: 9781894018128
Other: 2nd ed., b&w photos, fold-out charts
Publisher: Heritage Productions

Two facts that you will prove: Number 1. you will generate lots of paper and Number 2. relying on your memory just doesn't work. This book will teach you how to organize all your papers.

Genealogy can be an exciting hobby for you and your family, but as you progress through the various research stages, you will accumulate a lot of notes, precious documents, photographs, home movies and general family mementoes. You will also discover very quickly, that no matter how good your memory is, it is impossible to keep track of everything you do, every register you research and every precious document you save.

This book has been prepared to assist you in making the 'mountains of paper' more manageable. There are no hard and fast rules, telling you exactly how to go about doing this. What's important, is being able to find information quickly in the mountains of paper that you will create.

Whatever system you put in place must work for you. You may speak to others, and they will tell you about different ways they have achieved their organization. You will see similarities between different systems, but there are also differences. Choose what works best for you, and make changes when necessary, but most of all, be consistent in whatever method you choose.

Also included with this book are 19 charts (which fold-out to A4 size), and can be photocopied for your own use.

Getting Started, Basic Points
- Consistency
- Abbreviations
- Storage of Your Materials
- Recap
Reference Numbers
- Ancestral Reference Numbering System
- Descendants Reference Numbering System
Forms to Organize Your Information
- Pedigree Chart (Form #3 & Form #3A)
- Family Group Record (Form #4)
Useful Forms
- Daily Journal (Form #5)
- Research Activity (Form #6)
- Address and Telephone Directory (Form #7)
- My Ancestors and My Ancestors' Descendants (Form #8 & Form #9)
- Location (Form #10)
- Difficult Searches (Form #11)
- Information Request (Form #12)
- Precious Documents Inventory (Form #13)
- Family Mementoes (Form #14)
- Expense Journal (Form #15)
- Family Information Request (Form #16)
- Personal Diary (Form #17)
- Resource Centers (Form #18)
- Research Plan (Form #19)
Organizing Precious Documents and Photographs
Major Disasters
In the End ...
- A Few Words to Remember
Handy Transcription Forms (separate envelope)

3 Reviews
  • Organising Records

    Posted by Dianne Livingston on 8th Jun 2021

    I'm still slowly working my way through this excellent
    little book. Just wish I'd purchased it years ago!

  • informative

    Posted by Lorraine on 22nd Mar 2021

    great, informative, helpful and good for reference to keep going back to.
    sheets supplied are wonderful

  • Such a simple but very useful book

    Posted by Rod Austin on 21st Feb 2020

    Wow, such a simple but very useful book. I have recently been going through my old records from the early 1980s and I have more than mountains! The book does talk about reference numbers (page 27). I use this already so it wasn’t new to me. What was new was the “descendants reference numbering system” which when read is so simple. I’d not thought about it previously and still yet to use on my mountains!
    Other useful information is the use of the many forms mentioned in the book. I’m not usually one for making a journal of my family history activity but I now do. It is an extremely useful tool and I recommend it to all. It makes so much sense to make a note of what you’ve done and what you are doing. This makes it so much easier to keep your mountains under control as I move on with my research.
    Now back to my Mountains of Paper, I’m gradually sorting through it and using the different techniques I’ve learnt from this valuable book. It will take time as I have so many old records. Buy this valuable resource, you’ll be glad you got yourself organised.

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Organizing the Mountains of Paper

MSRP: $17.00
You save $1.50

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