New South Wales Police Gazette 1862

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD (272 pages)
Year: (1862) 2007
ISBN: 9781921315947
Publisher: Archive Digital Books Australasia

Starting with the very first issue which was released on 5 March 1862, the New South Wales Police Gazette was generally issued once a week. This CD-ROM is a compilation of all of the issues of the that were issued during that year.

Each issue is usually six pages long, and contains information such as court lists, lists of warrants issued, appointments and changes in the Police Service, lists of arrests and discharges (which include descriptions), escaped prisoners, and missing persons, house-breakins, deserting wives and families, inquests, lost and found property, missing friends and more ... Notices from Police Gazettes from other states are also often included. There is a small amount of convict related information included in these issues.

The Police Gazettes are an incredibly unique source of information, simply because they were designed to be distributed amongst the Police Force only, and the information contained often cannot be found anywhere else.

SAMPLE ENTRY (from the 16 April 1862 issue):

Tickets-of-Leave Granted - Mudgee
William Colclough, per ship "Westmoreland" (1), 1835, native of Staffordshire, collier by trade, 52 years of age, 5 feet 5 3/4 inches high, brown complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, perpendicular scar inner corner of right eyebrow, scar on each eyebrow, nose has been broken, WC lower right arm, thirteen dots in a circle on back of right hand, anchor, star RSLT and mermaid on lower left arm, five dots on back of left hand, burnt mark on left jaw.

William Hill, per ship "Condobar", native of Liverpool, boiler-maker and blacksmith by trade, 44 years of age, 5 feet 6 1/2 inches high, hairy arms, M inside lower right arm, middle finger of right hand has been broken, scar above knuckle of same, MS inside lower left arm, scar inside left hand near little finger, scars from burns on both arms.

Not only is this an invaluable resource for anyone researching in New South Wales, but it makes for fascinating reading even if you don't have family there.

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New South Wales Police Gazette 1862

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New South Wales Police Gazette 1862


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