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My Story: Record Your Very Own Unique Story

Publisher: Lake Press

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - hardcover, 64 pages
Author: A. Horgan
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781743405512
Publisher: Lake Press

This journal will help you write your unique story - for your family and friends, and for those not yet born. In times gone by, when many people were unable to read or write, families passed down stories about their ancestors - from one generation to the next - by word of mouth. Sadly, this tradition has largely been lost. For example, how much do you know about your great grandparents? Similarly, your own memories of your life and those of your parents may be vivid in your mind, but they too will be lost to your children and grandchildren - and their children - unless you write them down.

Through modern websites we can trace back the bare details of our family histories - largely through official records of births, marriages and deaths. But think how fascinating it would be to know more about those from whom we are descended. To be able to flesh out the facts and bring these 'names and dates' to life. Did they look like us? Did they have similar interests and values? What kind of lives did they lead? And what sort of world did they live in?

Often it is not until our own parents have gone that we realise how many things we could have asked them about themselves and their everyday lives - and how much has been lost with their passing. Simply by filling in this journal, you can ensure that tour family and friends will have a deeper understanding of you - and of your aspirations, achievements and preoccupations. You'll be giving you family the chance to really know you. As well as recording basic information, you'll be invited to write about the little things that are important to you.

Once filled in you will be giving your future generations a priceless gift - one that money cannot buy - your thoughts and memories.

So go ahead, everybody has a story to tell, and record yours for your family!!

All About Me
My School Days
My Working Life
My War Memories
On a Personal Note
My Favourite Things
What Makes Me ME!!
My Wedding
My Marriage and Children
My Parents Marriage
My Mother
My Mother's Life
My Father
My Father's Life
My Siblings
My Mother's Parents
My Father's Parents
My Family Tree
My Spouse's Family Tree
My Pets
My Medical Information
My Medical History
Important Personal Information
My Medical Power of Attorney
My Financial Power of Attorney
My Real Estate
My Superannuation Funds
My Essential Documents
My life Insurance Policies
Motor Vehicle Insurance Policies
Home and Contents Insurance
My Bank Details
My Credit Cards
My Shares Portfolio
Our Family Treasures
My Wishes
Special Momentoes
Friends to notify
Inspirational Thoughts


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