My Grandpa: In His Own Words

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 84 pages
Author: M. Hathaway
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781943200450
Publisher: Compendium Inc.

As a grandpa you have lived life, you have seen so many things come and go, preserve these memories. Create an heirloom for your family by recording your memories. Use this fill-in book which is full of questions to give you prompts, together with the space for you to write your responses.

Your stories will create a lasting keepsake for your family. Grandpa, your life is a gift, you hold within you a story that only you can share. Use these pages to fill with your one-of-a-kind memories whether it's a special moment from your childhood, an unforgettable adventure, or a piece of advice to share. Speak from the heart, in your own words it doesn't need to be formal or complex. Because when you are finished, you will create a gift that will be loved for generations.

Past Generations
Sentimental Keepsakes
Family Relationships
Joys of Childhood
Being a Kid
First Memories
Childhood Home
Music, Movies, Books
Siblings & Friendships
Cost of Living
Time Travel
Defining Success
Being a Father
Clever Inventions
Holiday Traditions
Little Rascals
Signs of Affection
Words to Remember
Impressive Children
Being a Grandfather
Your Best Qualities
Personality Traits
Life Motto
World Events
Going Places
Life Lessons
Three Things
Future Dreams
Role Models
Sound Advice
Giving Thanks
Grandfather Joys
A Lasting Wish

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My Grandpa: In His Own Words

MSRP: $21.50
You save $5.00

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