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My Family: My Special Memories of Our Family

Publisher: Alicat Publishing

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - hardcover, 64 pages
Author: A. Horgan
Year: 2010
ISBN: 9781921708091
Publisher: Alicat Publishing

Most of us can remember our grandparents - and can relate at least a few stories about them, their lives and the kind of world they grew up in. But when we try to recall anecdotes about our great grandparents, we're likely to hit a brick wall. Many of us don't even know their names! This is a pity because there immediate ancestors are part of who we are, as direct descendants, we might even take after them.

By using this fill-in book you'll be forging the first link in a chain encompassing your family's history - past and future. By providing invaluable information about yourself and your spouse, your parents and your grandparents, you'll be offering your family a priceless gift of knowledge.

This book, once completed will enable your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren (as yet unborn), the ability to reach much further back into the family tree than you or I could hope to do.

Future members of your family might be interested to learn that they've inherited something such as their hazel eyes or curly hair, from a distant forebear - perhaps even from yourself! Or they could find that their musical talent duns in the family going back to a great great grandparent about who they'd know nothing if it weren't for this unique family record.

Dates and places are of vital interest, but remember that it's often the little things that will fascinate the contemporary reader: your grandmother's love of fine china or your grandfather's passion for amateur astronomy. So don't hesitate to flesh out your pen-portraits of your parents and grandparents with personal anecdotes and descriptions. These are the things that bring people, places and times to life.

Fill-in this book to help preserve your familiy's history.

Cultivate your Family Tree!
Wife's Family Tree
Husband's Family Tree
Wife and Her Siblings
Wife's Parents and Grandparents
Wife's Great Grandparents
Husband and His Siblings
Husband's Parents and Grandparents
Husband's Great Grandparents
Maternal Grandmother
Maternal Grandfather
Wife's Parents Marriage
Paternal Grandmother
Paternal Grandfather
Husband's Parent's Marriage
Wife's Childhood
Wife's Adult Years
Husband's Childhood
Husband's Adult Years
Our Courtship
Our Wedding
Our Reception
Our Honeymoon
Our Early Years of Marriage
Our Children
Our Family Homes
Our Family Holidays
Our Family Pets
Changes We've Seen
Wife's Cousins
Husband's Cousins
Our Nieces and Nephews
Our Special Family members
More About Wife's Great Grandparents
More About Husband's Great Grandparents
Family Heirlooms
Wife's Wartime Memories
Husband's Wartime Memories
Genealogical Websites

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