Muzzle Blast: Six Years of War with the 2/2 Australian Machine Gun Battalion, AIF

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 306 pages
Author: B. Oakes
Year: 2002
ISBN: 9780959483209
Other: b&w photos, maps, roll of honour, nominal roll
Publisher: Australian Military History Publications

'Muzzle Blast' was written by Bill Oakes, who served with the 2/2 Machine Gun Battalion during its Desert Campaigns and in new Guinea and was on Tarakan with Brigadier Whitehead's 26th Brigade, which included Don Company of the machine gunners, when the war ended.

He was uniquely qualified for the writing of this history of the Battalion, since much of the war diaries on which it had been based are in his handwriting.

This reprint traces the formation of the 2/2 Machine Gun Battalion and follows the men through to war's end in 1945. The machine-gunners were part of the 9th Division in the Battle of El Alamein where a very desperate struggle ensued before the final battle was won.

This pictorial history has involved considerable research, including a widespread search for photographs to illustrate the various phases of the Battalion's life together. Also includes honours and award, a roll of honour, and a nominal roll.

The Machine Gun
The Battalion Commanders
Proud Traditions
The First Year: Training
The Second Year: Preparation
The Third Year: Alamein
- The Twenty Thousand Thieves
- The Tank Hunters
- Closing the Tank Slits
- Their Sustained Fire Shattered Attack
- Blasted Out
- One Ridge Too Far
- Tragedy on Ruin Ridge
- A Machine Gunners Dream Turns into a Nightmare
- A Reconnaissance in Force
- Frank Lavan's Hot Corner
- The Decisive Day
- The Battle Mao of Alamein, Morning of November 1, 1942
- Aftermath
- Stripped of our Guns
The Fourth Year: New Guinea
- Training for Tropical Warefare
- Kairi Memories
- From Python Hill to New Guinea
- Move to the Far Shore
- Not a Good Day for Little Buggers
- Ali Baba Intervenes
- The Crisis is at hand
- Massed Machine Guns
- The Pursuit
The Fifth Year: Reorganisation
- Rebuilding the Battalion
- Mount Garnet
The Sixth Year: Borneo Victory
- A Nasty One to Finish On
- The Proa Patrols
- To Brunei Bay
- To 'Pocket' on Labuan
- Rest Camp with a Difference
Appendix: A Photo Record
Appendix: the L.A.D.
Appendix: Honours and Awards
Appendix: Roll of Honour
Appendix: The Nominal Roll

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Muzzle Blast: Six Years of War with the 2/2 Australian Machine Gun Battalion, AIF


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