Murder in the Colony: South Australian Homicides 1836-1886

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 646 pages
Author: P. Tucker
Year: 2022
ISBN: 9781743059036
Other: b&w photos, glossary, indexes
Publisher: Wakefield Press

When South Australia was first established in December 1836, it was meant to be the perfect colony. Barely six months after proclamation, the state's first murder was recorded.

For homicide detective Paul Tucker, much of his past ten years have been spent investigating real murders. After his day’s work with South Australia’s Major Crime Investigation Branch, it would be down the rabbit hole into Trove and other records, researching historical murder trials.

Paul Tucker’s book Murder in the Colony is a fascinating, 600-odd page compendium of 391 murder cases brought before court in South Australia between 1836 and 1886.

From stabbings to shootings, to shipwreck massacres and the case of Elizabeth Woolcock, the only woman executed for murder in South Australia, Murder in the Colony is a book to enthral, appal and inform readers from far and wide.

List of homoiides in chronological order
Homicide Records
 - Rate of murder per 100,000
 - Number of victims 1836-1886
 - Relationship between the accused and child victim
 - Cause of death
 - Relationship between accused and victim
 - Age and gender of victim and accused?
 - Ethnicity relationship between victim and suspect or accused
 - Individual accused results
 - Names of People
 - Place of Crime
 - Cause of Death
 - Domestic Violence

'This book is a fascinating and detailed anthology of virtually all recorded murder trials from the date of the proclamation of South Australia as a colony of 28 December 1836 for the next fifty years. Not only will it enthral those interested in the criminal law and the early history of South Australia, but also general readers of mystery and crime.' - The Honorable Michael David QC

'This well-presented book provides an excellent historical account of murders in colonial South Australia. It has been extremely well researched with fascinating anecdotes and high quality illustrations from a wide variety of sources. It provides a rare insight into life (and death) in the colonies in the early days, and is a must for anyone with an interest in crime, legal, forensic and police history'. - Professor Roger W. Byard, AO, PSM, Marks Chair of Pathology, The University of Adelaide


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Murder in the Colony: South Australian Homicides 1836-1886


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