Moreton Bay People: The Complete Collection

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 306 pages
Author: P. Ludlow
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781925236286
Other: b&w photos, index
Publisher: Boolarong Press

Collected throughout the last decade of the twentieth century, these reminiscences of ‘Moreton Bay People’ provide a unique insight into the lifestyle of the Moreton Bay area during a particular time frame of history in the twentieth century.

Never again will we see a lazaret for lepers at Peel Island, a prison at t Helena, or a whaling station at Tangalooma. Hopefully, too, 'The Bay' will never experience another World War with its influx of foreign servicemen, or another Great Depression and its casualties seeking refuge in the bay's islands.

Between 1990 and 2000 author, Peter Ludlow, interviewed over eighty of the bay's "personalities' and then published their stories in a series of volumes titled 'Moreton Bay People. This volume is a collection of all of them together.

With its enhanced images, full indexation, and some more previously unpublished 'gems' this completely re-edited edition will prove essential reading to anyone - be they reference librarians, boaties with an interest in Moreton Bay or historians with an interest in the region and people. 

Bribie Island
1. A healthy neglect (Kathleen McArthur)
2. Settling the still water side (Ian Hall)
3. That Bribie Feeling (Adrian Dalgarno)
4. A sylvan sketch (Lisa West)
5. A house by the sea (Ia Fairweather)
6. The road to Bribie (Dorothy Schulte)
7. Starting from scratch (Jim Ormiston)
8. Shellgrit and cargo (Audrey Abrahams nee Maloney)
9. The People of the Passage
10. The Shields of Bribie Passage (Don Shields)
11. The Bell family, Bribie Island 1915-1979
12. Doctor at the fort (Doctor Noel Ure)
13. Fort Bribie (Stan Muller)
14. Fort Bribie revisitied (John McKenna & Doctor Noel Ure)

Moreton Island
15. "Jessanarry: (The Wadsworths of Moreton Island)
16. Moreton Island miscellany
17. The Cape Moreton Provisional School (Clair Craig)
18. Henry and Elizabeth Lockhard (Beth Lawler)
19. A loner moves on (Allan Counter)

20. Perceiving a need (Frank Duffield)

21. Salt water in his veins (Albert Jeays)
22. Cremorne (John McCallum)
23. The bells of eventide 
24. The day we went to Sandgate (Ray Robinson

Moreton Bay - General
25. A life on the waves  ('Curly' Meath)
26. In war and peace (Jack Little)
27. Keeping the lights (Bob Emmett)

Brisbane and River
28. Ferry families (Ron Peterson)
29. Bishop Island (Ted Crouch)
30. S.S. "Lucinda"
31. Charlie Persson, his early life ... (Pamela Horstman)
32. The man, the boat, the river (Mabel Persson)

St Helena Island
33. Roaming the prison island (Fred Murrie)

Green Island
34. A life on Green Island (Merv Beitz)

King Island
35. Large family, small island (Clarrie Phillips)

36. Fishing lines, first and last (Ron Crouch)
37. Round Wynnum Creek (Ron Williams) 
38. The ports of Manly (Rowland "Snow" Port)
39. Hammer and nails (Bert Rollason)
40. Manly, the place of long shadows (Stan Kenwrick)
41. Around the table (Merv Hazell)
42. The past for the future (Merv Beitz)

43. The People of the Point
44. Edward Crowther at Oyster Point (Graham Mackey)
45. Farming and Fielding (Albert Morris)

Peel Island
46. Coming Down to the Bay (A former patient, Peel Island lazaret)
47. Of Drunkards and Rock Pools (Ivy Rowell)
48. The Most Solitary Man (Noel Agnew)
49. Day's Routine at the Peel Island Lazaret (Eric Reye/Rosemary Opala)
50. Cold Turkey Canvases (William Simmons)
51. Bay Service (Father Gsbriel Nolan)
52. Dead Branch of a Family Tree (Hilda Finger)
53. A Visit to Peel Island 
54. Two Men: Two Islands (Chas arroll/Ray Cowie)
55. "Alex" Visit to Peel Island in the 1990s 
56. Man, Mangroves ... and Midges (Eric Reye)

North Stradbroke Island
57. The Dickson Bay (Bonty Dickson)
58. Managing Stradbroke (Ellie Durbridge)
59. Oysters in the Bilge (Ray Barrett)
60. Nature's Gentleman (Jack Borey)
61. The Camp at the One Mile (Lance Watts Jnr)
62. The Dunwich Benevolent Asylum (George Ferguson)
63. Across the Cultures (Vivian Cooms nee Ruska)
64. By the Creek at the One Mile
65. Amity Tales

Coochiemudlo Island 
66. The Mysterious Sixth (Ted Jones)
67. First Ferries to Coochie (Ted Jones/Rosemary Opala)

68. Yarnin' the Mem'ries (Ollie Rowney)
69. On the Fruit Boats (Bill Campbell)
70. Three Generations at Russell Island (David Willes)
71. Farming the Bay Islands (Ken King)
72. Franks Sands, Pioneer of Macleay Island
73. A Farm on Lamb Island
74. R.K.L.M. Islands as I saw them
75. Wildflowers of Russell Island

Beenleigh Area
76. Rocky Road to Rocky Point
77. Bound for Tabby Tabby

Gold Coast
78. Roe's Kamp (Dr Charles Roe)
79. Currigee Oysters (Lil Levigne nee Bostock)
80. Journal Extracts (Clarrie Phillips)
81. Basin Engineer (John L. Humphreys)
82. Playing the Banjo (Frank Willoughby)



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Moreton Bay People: The Complete Collection


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