Milne Bay Radar: Unit History of the No. 37 Radar Station 1942-1945

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 112 pages
Author: T. Jones
Year: 2001
ISBN: 9781876439606
Other: b&w photos, maps, bibliog, appendixes, glossary
Publisher: Australian Military History Publications

The author of this book, Tim Jones, was a member of No. 37 Radar Station and witnessed many of the events that befell the unit. He carried a camera with him and most of the previously unseen photographs in this book are from his own collection.

Tim has employed the limited official records, the few publication that have been produced on the period and the diaries and recollections of his fellow members, to produce a concise history of the unit and its part in the Milne Bay battle.

Due to the efforts of Tim Jones and his comrades from No. 37 Radar Station, the true facts of this part of RAAF history have now been rectified.

List of Maps and Photographs
1. Establishment and Move to Milne Bay
2. Installation of the Station
3. The Invasion
4. After the Battle - 1942
5. The Rest of the War 1943-45
6. Vision of Milne Bay
Appendix 1. Formation of the Unit
Appendix 2. Station Personnel/Nominal Roll
Appendix 3. Personnel Occurrence Form
Appendix 4. Poem
Appendix 5. The Equipment
Appendix 6. George Day and the Installation Party
Appendix 7. Japanese Raids
Appendix 8. F/Lt Scarff's Report
Appendix 9. Early Radar in New Guinea

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Milne Bay Radar: Unit History of the No. 37 Radar Station 1942-1945


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