Mastering Genealogical Documentation

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 304 pages
Author: T. Jones
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781935815242
Other: tables, appendixes, glossary, index
Publisher: National Genealogical Society

Genealogical documentation gives your work credibility. Without adequate documentation, a well-researched family history or tree looks like fiction.

'Mastering Genealogical Documentation' teaches genealogists how to cite all kinds of sources clearly, completely, and accurately—including sources for which no model citation exists. In this step-by-step guidebook, Dr. Thomas W. Jones presents a fresh view on the art of documentation. Readers will learn how to describe and cite their sources with artistry, clarity, conciseness, completeness, and competence so that their work will meet the genealogy field's published standards.

Covering both online and offline citation, 'Mastering Genealogical Documentation' provides a foundation in the principles, logic, and decisions that underpin genealogical documentation. Learning principles, patterns, and logic gives genealogists flexibility and choice as they create their own structured documentation. This essential text offers exercises at the end of each chapter (with answers at the back), helping you practice your newly learned skill.

1. The Purpose and Nature of Genealogical Documentation
2. Noncitation Aspects of Genealogical Documentation
3. Citation Settings, Forms and Shortcuts
4. Assembling Components into Clear Citations
5. Capitalization, Italics, Punctuation, and Other Citation Subtleties
6. Determining a Source's Publication Status
7. Issues in Citing Source Titles, Descriptions, or Both
8. Authors, Creators, and Information
9. Citing Absent, Hidden, Obvious, and Perplexing Dates for Sources, Information, and Events
10. Citing Numbered, Grouped, and Subgrouped Offline Sources and Information Items
11. Answering the Wherein and Whereis Citation Questions for Online Sources
12. Identifying Offline Publishers and Repositories
13. Citing Original Online Content
14. Citing Images of Previously Published Material
15. Citing Online Images of Previously Unpublished Material
16. Multipart Options for Citing Images
17. Documenting on Your Own
Appendix A. Greenfield Article
Appendix B. Examples of Creating a Citation Using Waypoints to a Numbered Image
Appendix C. Genealogy Standard 5
Reading Source List 1. References and Supporting Material
Reading Source List 2. Selected Guides for Learning About American Genealogical Sources
Exercise Examples

1 Review
  • Mastering Genealogical Documentation - a good resource

    Posted by Nathan Scudder on 22nd Jul 2021

    An interesting read and a good resource, with some useful examples of different reference types for writing genealogical proofs.

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Mastering Genealogical Documentation


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