Map My Family Tree

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Media: SOFTWARE - 1 CD
Year: 2017
Publisher: Progeny Genealogy 

Having names in your tree, or even on a chart is one thing ... but why not graphically illustrate where they were with a map?

Used as an add-on to your regular genealogy software program, Map My Family Tree not only creates striking family maps, but also helps you with your family history search. By creating an ancestor life map, you can see where you have misspellings and incomplete, ambiguous, or missing place names in your genealogy database.

Map My Family Tree automatically geocodes your family history tree in seconds, so you can see where your ancestors were born, married and died. Extensive selection and formatting options provide unlimited customisation of family maps. Show single family lines, births only, events from a specific time period, and much more on maps of any colour or size - including large wallchart size maps.

Map My Family Tree reads most popular genealogy file formats directly, or you can use the GEDCOM option.

Benefits of Creating Family Maps with Map My Family Tree:
 - A life map is yet another way to show and tell compelling stories about your personal family history.
 - Family maps provide visual and place name clues that help your family history search.
 - Sharing family stories is easy by publishing to PDF or printing a wall chart for your next family reunion.

You can import your genealogy data from the following programs
 - Ancestral Quest (version 12 or later)
 - Family Historian 
 - Family Tree Maker 2007 and earlier (FTM 2008 and later use GEDCOM)
 - Legacy Family Tree
 - Personal Ancestral File
 - RootsMagic (version 3)
 - The Master Genealogist
 - Reads GEDCOM 5.5 files (including data with Western European diacritics).

For more information on Map My Family Tree click here.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, or Win 10
260MB free disk space
CD-ROM drive

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Map My Family Tree

MSRP: $74.50
You save $20.00

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