London's Disasters: From Boudicca to the Banking Crisis

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 272 pages
Author: J. Withington
Year: 2010
ISBN: 0750933216
Other: b&w photos, sketches, bibliog, index
Publisher: The History Press

From AD 61, when Queen Boudicca - outraged at her treatment at the hands of the Romans - marched on the city and burned it to the ground, London has been hit by wave upon wave of destruction. This fascinating and unique book tells the story of 2000 years of disaster from fire, water, disease, pollution, accident, storm, riot, terrorism and enemy action.

It chronicles well-known disasters like the Great Plague of 1665 and the Blitz, as well as lesser-known events such as whirlwinds and earthquakes, and includes the human stories behind the various catastrophes.

This new edition also includes the terrorist attack of 7 July 2005, as well as a new section on the crises which have plagued the financial City, including the near collapse of Britain's banks during 2008 and 2009.

London's Disasters ultimately celebrates the spirit of the people of London who have risen above all the disasters and for whom London is still a great city in which to live and work.


Part 1: Hostile Action
1. War and Invasion
2. Rebellion and Riot
3. Air Raids
4. Terrorism

Part 2: Fires
5. Great Fires of London
6. Enter the Firemen
7. London's Still Burning

Part 3: Accidents
8. Crushes, Collapses and Fatal False Alarms
9. Explosions
10. Death by Water
11. Train Crashes
12. Air Crashes

Part 4: Acts of God
13. Plague
14. Cholera, Flu and Fog
15. Wild Weather
16. Earthquake, Famine and Flood

Part 5: Acts of Mammon
17. Financial Disasters


... will leave you wondering how on earth the city has lasted so long - Living History

... an engaging and sobering read - Metropolitan life Magazine

... a tale of epic proportions - The Good Book Guide

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London's Disasters: From Boudicca to the Banking Crisis


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