Lincolnshire 1861 Census (version 2)

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Media: DATA CD - 10 CDs
Year: 2005
Publisher: Archive CD Books GB

The Lincolnshire 1861 Census, which was originally released in 2003 as a two CD set, has now been rescanned at a much higher quality and re-released. Now consisting of 10 CDs these scanned from microfilm (not microfiche)

The set has also now been released in affordable smaller sections consisting of 1 CD for each. Please note: censuses are arranged by Registration District, which means that it includesONLYthe places that are part of the Lincolnshire Census Registration Districts are included. This may exclude some places in Lincolnshire, but include some from adjoining counties, as Registration District boundariesDO NOTfollow county boundaries.

The data on these CDs is completely self-contained, and requires no installation.

Places on CD 1 (RG9/2311-2330):
Ashton, Aslackby, Aslackby - Graby, Bainton, Barholm, Barnack, Baston, Billingborough, Birthorpe, Bourn Bourn - Cawthorpe, Bourn - Dyke, Braceborough, Bulby, Careby, Carlby, Castle Bytham, Chapelry of Holywell, Chapelry of Pointon, Clipsham, Collyweston, Corby, Counthorpe, Cowbit, Cowbit in Pinchbeck Fen, Creeton, Deeping St James, Deeping St Nicholas, Donington, Dowsby, Duddington, Easton, Edenham, Essendine, Falkingham, Fleet, Gedney, Gedney Hill, Gosberton and Surfleet, Great Casterton, Greatford, Hacconby, Hanthorpe, Hawthorpe, Holbeach, Holbeach Workhouse, Horbling, Irnham, Ketton, Kirkby Underwood, Langtoft, Laughton, Little Bytham, Little Casterton, Market Deeping, Morton, Moulton, Pickworth, Pilsgate, Pinchbeck, Quadring, Rippingale, Ryhall, Semperingham, Southorpe, Spalding, Spalding in Pinchbeck Fen, Spalding Shipping, Spalding Union Workhouse, Stamford All Saints, Stamford Baron, Stamford St George, Stamford St John Baptist, Stamford St Martin, Stamford St Mary, Stamford St Michael, Stibbington, Sutton St Edmunds, Sutton St James, Sutton St Mary, Sutton St Nicholas Chapelry, Swayfield, Swinstead, Tallington, Thornhaugh, Thurlby, Tinwell, Tixover, Tydd St Mary, Uffington, Ufford, Wansford, West Deeping, Weston, Whaplode, Whaplode Drove Chapelry, Wilsthorpe, Witham on the Hill, Witham on the Hill - Lound, Witham on the Hill - Manthorpe, Witham on the Hill - Toft, Wittering, Wothorpe.

Places on CD 2 (RG9/2331-2346):
Algarkirk, Algarkirk Fen, Anwick, Asgarby, Ashby de la Laund, Aunsby, Bayards Leap, Bennington, Bicker, Billinghay, Blankney, Bloxholme, Boston, Boston - Skirbeck, Boston Shipping, Boston Union Workhouse, Brauncewell, Brothertoft, Burton Pedwardine, Butterwick, Carrington, Copping Syke, Cranwell, Culverthorpe, Dembleby, Digby, Dogdyke, Dorrington, Evedon, Ewerby, Ferry Corner, Fishtoft, Fosdyke, Frampton, Frieston, Frithville, Great Hale, Harts Grounds, Haverholme Priory, Heckington, Helpringham, Holdingham, Howell, Kelby, Kirkby Green, Kirkby le Thorpe, Kirton, Kirton Fen, Langriville, Leadenham, Leake, Leasingham, Leverton, Little Hale, Martin, New Sleaford, New Sleaford Union Workhouse, Newton, North Forty Foot Bank, North Kyme - South Kyme, North Rauceby, Old Sleaford, Osbournby, Pelhams Land, Quarrington, Rowlands Marsh, Rowston, Roxholme, Ruskington, Scopwick, Scot Willoughby, Scredington, Sibsey, Silk Willoughby, Simon Weir, Skirbeck, Skirbeck Quarter, South Kyme, South Rauceby, Spanby, Sutterton, Sutterton Fen, Swarby, Swaton, Swineshead, Swineshead - Chapel Hill, Temple Bruer, Thornton le Fen, Threckingham, Timberland, Timberland - Thorpe Tilney, Walcott, Walcott, Welbourn, Wellingore, West Ville, Wigtoft, Wilsford, Wrangle, Wyberton.

Places on CD 3 (RG9/2347-2353):
Ancaster, Barrowby, Barrowby - Breeder Hills, Barrowby - Casthorpe, Barrowby - Stainwith, Bassingthorpe, Belton, Belvoir, Bitchfield, Boothby Pagnell, Bottesford, Bottesford - Easthorpe, Bottesford - Normanton, Braceby, Burton Coggles, Carlton Scroop, Colsterworth, Colsterworth - Twyford, Colsterworth - Woolsthorpe, Croxton Keyrial, Denton, Grantham, Grantham - Little Gonerby, Great Gonerby, Great Ponton, Gunby St Nicholas, Haceby, Harlaxton, Harrowby, Harston, Haydor, Honington, Hough - Branston, Hough - Gelston, Hough on the Hill, Ingoldsby, Knipton, Lenton, Lenton - Hanby, Lenton - Osgodby, Little Humby, Little Ponton, Londonthorpe, Manthorpe with Little Gonerby, Muston, Normanton, North Stoke, North Witham, North Witham - Lobthorpe, Pickworth, Redmile, Ropsley, Sapperton, Skillington, Somerby, South Stoke, South Witham, Spittlegate, Spttlegate Union Workhouse, Stainby, Stoke Easton, Stroxton, Welby, Woolsthorpe, Wyville with Hungerton.

Places on CD 4 (RG9/2354-2364):
Aisthorpe, Apley, Aubourn, Bardney, Barlings, Boothby Graffoe, Boultham, Bracebridge, Branston, Brattleby, Broxholme, Bullington, Burton, Caenby, Cammeringham, Canwick, Castle Dykings, Cherry Willingham, Cold Hanworth, Coleby, Doddington, Dunholm, Dunston, Eagle, Eagle Hall, Eagle Woodhouse, Faldingworth, Firsby East, Firsby West, Fiskerton, Friesthorpe, Fulnetby, Goltho, Grange de Lings, Greetwell, Hackthorn, Haddington, Harmston, Heighington, Holton Beckering, Ingham, Lincoln County Hospital, Lincoln Lunatic Hospital, Lincoln St Benedict, Lincoln St Botolph, Lincoln St John, Lincoln St Margaret, Lincoln St Mark, Lincoln St Martin, Lincoln St Mary le Wigford, Lincoln St Mary Magdalen, Lincoln St Michael, Lincoln St Nicholas, Lincoln St Paul, Lincoln St Peter at Arches, Lincoln St Peter at Gowts, Lincoln St Peter in Eastgate, Lincoln St Swithin, Lincoln Union Workhouse, Lincolnshire Lunatic Asylum, Mere, Metheringham, Morton, Navenby, Nettleham, Newball, Nocton, Normanby, North Carlton, North Hyckham, Owmby, Potter Hanworth, Rand, Repham or Reepham, Riseholme, Saxby, Saxelby with Ingleby, Scampton, Scothern, Skellingthorpe, Skinnand, Snarford, Snelland, South Carlton, South Hyckham, Spridlington, Stainfield, Stainton, Sudbrooke, Swinethorpe, Swinthorpe Hamlet, Thorpe le Fallows, Thorpe on the Hill, Waddington, Washingborough, Welton, Whisby, Wickenby.

Places on CD 5 (RG9/2365-2371):
Asgarby, Asgarby Fen Allotments, Ashby Puerorum, Asterby, Bag Enderby, Belchford, Benniworth, Bucknall, Cawkwell, Claxby  Pluckacre, Coningsby, East Barkwith, Edlington, Fulletby, Goulsby, Great Beats, Great Sturton, Greetham, Hagworthingham, Haltham, Haltham Fen Allotments, Hameringham, Hatton, Haven Bank, Hemingby, High Toynton, High Toynton Fen Allotments, Horncastle, Horsington, Kirkby upon Bain, Kirkstead, Land South of the Witham, Langton by Wragby, Langton near Horncastle, Little Beats, Low Toynton, Low Toynton Fen Allotments, Lusby, Lusby Fen Allotments, Mareham le Fen, Mareham on the Hill, Mareham on the Hill, Market Stainton, Martin, Miningsby, Miningsby Fen Allotments, Minting, Moorby, Panton, Ranby, Revesby, Revesby Fen Allotments, Roughton, Roughton Fen Allotments, Salmonby, Scamblesby, Scrafield, Scrivelsby, Somersby, Sotby, Stixwould, Tattershall, Tattershall Thorpe, Tetford, Thimbleby, Thimbleby Fen Allotments, Thornton, Tumby, Tupholme, West Ashby, West Barkwith, West Torrington, Wilksby, Wilksby Fen Allotments, Winceby, Wispington, Wood Enderby, Wood Enderby Fen Allotments, Woodhall, Wragby.

Places on CD 6 (RG9/2372-2378):
Addlethorpe, Alford, Anderby, Ashby, Aswardby, Bilsby, Bilsby - Thurlby, Bolingbroke, Bolingbroke West Fen Allotments, Bratoft, Brinkhill, Burgh in the Marsh, Calceby, Candlesby, Claxby, Croft, Cumberworth, Dalby, Driby, East Keal, East Kirby, East Ville, Farlsthorpe, Firsby, Friskney, Great Steeping, Gunby St Peter, Hagnaby, Hareby, Hareby West Fen Allotments, Harrington, Hogsthorpe, Hundleby, Hundleby Union Workhouse, Hundleby West Fen Allotments, Huttoft, Ingoldmells, Langton, Little Steeping, Markby, Mavis Enderby, Mavis Enderby West Fen Allotments, Mid Ville, Mumby, Northolme, Orby, Partney, Raithby, Raithby West Fen Allotments, Rigsby, Sausthorpe, Scremby, Skegness, Skendleby, South Ormsby, Spilsby, Spilsby Fen Allotment, Stickford, Stickney, Sutterby, Sutton in the Marsh, Thorpe St Peter, Toynton All Saints, Toynton St Peter, Ulceby, Wainfleet All Saints, Wainfleet St Mary, Well, Welton in the Marsh, West Keal, West Keal West Fen Allotments, Willoughby, Winthorpe.

Places on CD 7 (RG9/2379-2387):
Aby, Alvingham, Authorpe, Beesby in the Marsh, Belleau, Binbrooke, Biscathorpe, Brackenborough, Brough, Burwell, Calcethorpe, Castle Carlton, Claythorpe, Conisholme, Covenham St Bartholomew, Covenham St Mary, Donington upon Bain, East Wykeham, Farforth, Fotherby, Fulstow, Gayton le Marsh, Gayton le Wold, Grainthorpe, Great Carlton, Grimblethorpe, Grimoldby, Hainton, Hallington, Hannah, Haugh, Haugham, Holton le Clay, Keddington, Kelstern, Legbourne, Little Carlton, Little Cawthorpe, Little Grimsby, Louth, Louth Park, Louth Union Workhouse, Ludborough, Ludford Magna, Ludford Parva, Mablethorpe St Mary, Mablethorpe St Peter, Maltby le Marsh, Manby, Marsh Chapel, Muckton, North Coates, North Cockerington, North Elkington, North Ormsby, North Reston, North Somercotes, North Thoresby, Oxcombe, Raithby, Ruckland, Saleby, Saltfleet, Saltfleetby All Saints, Saltfleetby St Clement, Saltfleetby St Peter, Skidbrook, South Cockerington, South Elkington, South Reston, South Somercotes, South Thoresby, South Willingham, Stenigot, Stewton, Strubby, Swaby, Tathwell, Tetney, Theddlethorpe All Saints, Theddlethorpe St Helen, Tothill, Trusthorpe, Utterby, Waith, Walmsgate, Welton le Wold, Withcall, Withern, Worlaby, Wyham with Cadeby, Yarborough.

Places on CD 8 (RG9/2388-2396):
Ashby with Fenby, Atterby, Aylesby, Barnoldby le Beck, Beelsby, Bigby, Bishop Norton, Bradley, Brocklesby, Buslingthorpe, Cabourn, Caistor, Claxby, Clee, Cleethorpes, Clixby, Croxby, Cuxwold, East Ravendale, East Torrington, Glentham, Grassby, Great Coates, Great Grimsby, Habrough, Hatcliffe, Hawerby, Healing, Holton le Moor, Humberstone, Immingham, Irby upon Humber, Keelby, Kingerby, Kirkby cum Osgodby, Kirmond, Laceby, Legsby, Limber Magna, Linwood, Lissington, Little Coates, Market Rasen, Middle Rasen, Nettleton, Newsham, Newton by Toft, Normanby, North Kelsey, North Owersby, North Willingham, Riby, Rothwell, Scartho, Searby with Owmby, Sixhills, Snitterby, Somerby, South Kelsey, South Owersby, Stainton le Vale, Stallingborough, Swallow, Swinhope, Tealby, Thoresway, Thorganby, Thornton le Moor, Thrunscoe, Usselby, Waddingham, Walesby, Waltham, West Rasen, West Ravendale, Wold Newton

Places on CD 9 (RG9/2397-2304):
Alkborough, Appleby, Ashby, Barnetby le Wold, Barrow upon Humber, Barrow upon Humber St Peter, Barton St Mary, Barton St Peter, Bonby, Bottesford, Brigg, Bromby, Broughton, Burringham, Burton upon Stather, Burton upon Stather, Cadney, Cleatham, Crosby, Croxton, East Butterwick, East Halton, Elsham, Flixborough, Frodingham, Goxhill, Hibaldstow, Holme, Horkstow, Kirmington, Kirton in Lindsey, Manton, Melton Ross, Messingham, Newstead, North Killingholme, Redbourne, Roxby cum Risby, Saxby, Scawby cum Sturton, Scunthorpe, South Ferriby, South Killingholme, Thornton Curtis, Twigmore, Ulceby, West Halton, Whitton, Winteringham, Winterton, Wootton, Worlaby, Wrawby, Yaddlethorpe.

Places on CD 10 (RG9/2405-2411):
Beckingham, Blyborough, Blyton, Bole, Brampton, Burton Gate, Coates, Corringham, East Stockwith, Fenton, Fillingham, Gainsborough, Gainsborough Union Workhouse, Glentworth, Grayingham, Hardwick, Harpswell, Haxey, Heapham, Hemswell, Kettlethorpe, Kexby, Knaith, Laughton, Lea, Marton, Misterton, Morton, Newton upon Trent, Northorpe, Owston, Owston and East Ferry, Pilham, Saundby, Scotter, Southorpe, Springthorpe, Stow, Sturton and Bransby, Torksey, Upton, Walkeringham, Walkerith, West Burton, West Butterwick, West Stockwith, Wildsworth, Willingham, Willoughton.

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Lincolnshire 1861 Census (version 2)


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