Leicester and Rutland 1877 White's Gazetteer and Directory

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Author: W. White
Year: (1877) 2011
ISBN: 9781846305659
Publisher: Archive CD Books Ireland

William White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of Leicester & Rutland was originally published in Sheffield in 1877 and is republished here on fully-searchable CD-Rom. This third edition contains nearly 900 printed pages, the full-title of this publication gives a good indication as to the scope of the work: History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Leicester, and Rutland; comprising General Surveys of both Counties, and Separate Historical, Statistical and Topographical Descriptions of all the Hundreds, Towns, Parishes, Townships, Chapelries, Villages, Hamlets, Manors and Unions; the seats of the nobility and gentry; Magistrates and Public Officers; and a great variety of other Archaeological, Architectural, Agricultural, Biographical, Botanical and Geological Information.

The History, Gazetteer and Directory of Leicestershire & Rutland is introduced with general historical and descriptive surveys of Leicestershire and Rutland. These record the extent and population of each, mainly taken from the statistical abstracts of the 1871 Census and also describes the nature of industry and agriculture, gentlemen's seats as well as those of the nobility, clergy and magistrates, for both counties.

The majority of the History, Gazetteer and Directory of Leicestershire & Rutland is comprised of the alphabetical gazetteer and directory; initially arranged by hundred and then by parish, these contain topographical, historical details on all of the towns, villages and hamlets in the county, providing the population of each parish, township, chapelry and extra-parochial liberty, together with their 'owners of the soil', Lord of the Manors and nature and value of the church livings, places of worship, their patrons and incumbents. In addition, information is provided on public and other buildings of note, public charities, institutions, trade and commerce, communications, remarkable local occurrences, objects of interest and curiosities.

For principal places such as the town of Leicester in addition to the information detailed for other locations, White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of Leicestershire & Rutland also provides an alphabetical directory of names, trades, professions and residences, which in the instance of the town of Leicester runs to some seventy-six pages. This is followed by a professional directory for the town and borough of Leicester. Also included is a 150 page Classified Professions and Trades Directory for Leicestershire and Rutland. The original large scale map from the publication is incorporated too. 

High quality scanned images of the whole of the original book. This CD has been bookmarked for easy navigation, and pages can be searched, browsed, enlarged and printed out if required.

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Leicester and Rutland 1877 White's Gazetteer and Directory


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