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Latin for Local and Family Historians: A Beginner's Guide

Publisher: Phillimore

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 144 pages
Author: D. Stuart
Year: 2010
ISBN: 9781860773853
Other: tables, appendixes, glossary, bibliog, index
Publisher: Phillimore

Latin is the language of a vast quantity of untouched source material. Despite the widespread popular interest in research into local and family history, there has been no recent guide or textbook to help the beginner cope with the great barrier preventing access to that wealth of information ... medieval Latin. This book remedies the omission. It embodies the author's experience as a university teacher of Latin and local history over twenty years, deriving from the notes of material developed for the Latin examination in the local history certificate courses which he organised.

After dealing with the basic grammar of Latin, this very practical book examines the structure and vocabulary of the records used in local and family research, including parish registers, marriage licences and bonds, episcopal visitation, church court records, sepulchral inscriptions, wills, manorial court rolls, charters and deeds. A final chapter explains the abbreviations used in medieval Latin. The book is complete in itself and contains all the necessary tables of declensions and conjugations plus a glossary of more than eight hundred words.

The book is 'user-friendly'. The tempo of instruction is slow; the passages for translation are carefully graded for grammar and vocabulary and selected both for their intrinsic interest and for their representative character. The author believes that, although Latin cannot be made simple, it is nevertheless manageable. The reader who works systematically through the book will be equipped to handle Latin of the documents encountered by the 'do-it-yourself' local or family historian.

Introduction: Aims and Methods

Part 1: Basic Latin Grammar
Chapter 1. Looking at Latin Grammar
- Verbs and their Conjugation
- Nouns and their Declension
- Conjunctions
- Adjectives and their Cases
- Using the Glossary (Nouns)
Chapter 2. Verbs of the Second Conjugation
- Past and Future Tenses
- Third Declension Nouns
- Relative Pronouns
- Adjectives which Decline Like Third Declensions Nouns
- Present, Past and Future Participles
- The Ablative Absolute Construction
Chapter 3. Third and Fourth Conjugation Verbs
- The Infinitive
- The Accusative and Infinitive Construction
- The Subjunctive Mood
- The Passive Voice
- Gerunds and Gerundives
- Pronouns
- Irregular, Deponent and Impersonal Verbs
- Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs

Part 2: The Uses of Latin
Chapter 4. Ecclesiastical Latin
Chapter 5. The Records of the Manor
Chapter 6. Charters and Deeds
Chapter 7. Abbreviations in Latin Local History Documents

Answers to the Exercises
Index of Grammatical Terms
Select List of Books for Reading and Further Reference

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