Irish Education Inquiry

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Media: DATA CD - 1 CD
Year: (1826) 2011
ISBN: 9781846305580
Publisher: Archive CD Books Ireland

The Second Report of the Commissioners of Irish Educations Inquiry is a fascinating  insight into education in pre-famine Ireland as well as being a wonderful genealogical source, listing some 12,530 Masters and Mistresses of schools. The report was published in 1826, from an abstract of returns by both Protestant and Roman Catholic clergy for the year 1824. Of the appendices it is Appendix 22 which is the longest and most fulsome. It lists 11,823 individual schools, the Barony and Parish, townland, who the Master or Mistress is, as well as their religion. It also lists if the school is free or fee paying, the total income of the Master or Mistress, a description of the school house and its probable cost. Finally,  the report includes the break down of children attending by religion, as well as any societies the schools are associated with, if local patronage is provided, and if scriptures are read at the school.

This is a must have source for anyone with an interest in Irish education and for anyone trying to trace family involved in education in pre-famine Ireland.

Republished here on CD-ROM, the census reports are fully searchable and a welcome addition to genealogists and family historians.

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Irish Education Inquiry


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