Humin Hopes: The 1855 Diary of Charles Moore, English Immigrant to Australia on the 'Constitution'

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 192 pages
Author: R. Wills
Year: 2005
ISBN: 097576540X
Other: b&w photos, map
Publisher: Rob Wills

With 'humin hopes' of a better life, the newly married Charles and Louisa Moore set sail for Australia in 1855 on the emigrant ship 'Constitution'. In a moving example of history written 'from below' Charles, a plasterer by trade, kept a detailed diary of the voyage, of the time spent in quarantine on arrival, and of his first week working in Sydney town. Written with verve and humour, his diary tells of icebergs, smallpox, storms, births and deaths, and the rituals and routines of life at sea.

The troubled voyage was discussed at length in official correspondence of the day – now printed here along with the diary. A list compiled in 1855 of all the immigrants is included. We also read of the 50th anniversary organised by the survivors in 1905, as well as 20 stories of 'Constitution' immigrants' lives in Australia, written in 2005 by their descendants.

'humin hopes' gives a rich, rounded picture of immigrant life in the 1850s and after. Rob Wills, editor of 'humin hopes', is a descendant of 'Constitution' immigrants James and Jane Spring.

A map of the voyage, 25 black and white photos, a list of all 'Constitution' immigrants, as well as details of birth and deaths on board, and listings of the crew are all included.

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"For Sydney ... this splendid fast sailing ship"
The diary of Charles Moore
Press reports: 1855
Official correspondence: 1855
Press etc: the twentieth century
List of Immigrants per Ship Constitution
More information
 - The diary, and how it was written
 - Charles and Louisa Moore and family
 - Constitution births
 - Constitution deaths
 - The ship and crew
 - Songs
 - "a very Nice Monument"
The immigrants' stories
 - Basham by Janette Tiedemann
 - Batchelor/Burch by Ivy Perry
 - Burton by Ian Berick
 - Cole by Ross Berry
 - Cook by Warren Duff
 - Corby by Kay L. Clark
 - Crew/Gosling by Pauline Rice
 - Felstead by Eileen Roby
 - Horner by Roslyn Ruth Williams
 - Hoy by Joan Duggan
 - Layton by Jennie Hudson
 - Manning by Patricia Shephard
 - Piggott by John Piggott
 - Rutter by Carmel Beal and Sue Venables
 - Saunders by June Wishart
 - Scanes/Corcoran by Malcolm Scanes
 - Smith by Carol Wood
 - Spring by Muriel Read and Rob Wills
 - Starling by Bob Starling
 - Watt by Carol Wood and Carolyn McDonald
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Humin Hopes: The 1855 Diary of Charles Moore, English Immigrant to Australia on the 'Constitution'


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