How to Write History That People Want to Read

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 272 pages
Author: A. Curthoys & A. McGrath
Year: 2009
ISBN: 9781742230863
Other: index
Publisher: NSW University Press

Writing history can take an author - and ultimately a reader - on a journey through time, across the globe and into the lives of others. This book offers great advice to writers, such as:

    • how much research is necessary?
    • when should you start writing?
    • should you structure your work chronologically or thematically?
    • how to you write a compelling narrative?

Perfect for historians of all levels, this book is an indispensible guide to writing history.

Introduction: Navigating history in the 21st century
1. Which history to tell?
2. Who is your history for?
3. Crying in the archives
4. History in 3D: Visual, oral and material sources
5. How to avoid writer's block
6. Once upon a time: Beginnings and endings
7. Narrative, plot, action!
8. Styling pasts for presents
9. Character and emotion
10. Footnote fetishism: Quotes and notes
11. Tough love: Editing and revising
Epilogue: The after party - marketing, celebrating and reviews


'A really excellent book. It is written in a bright, informal style with some hard-and-fast rules balanced with advice, warning and very positive encouragement' - Alan Atkinson, author of 'The Europeans in Australia'

'This witty little volume reveals the tricks and tips of the profession and recounts endearing anecdotes about the authors' own experiences as historians. A delightful read, this is also advice manual. Refreshing, sensitive, thorough, here are two wise women who practise what they preach' - Philippa Levine, author of 'The British Empire: Sunshine to Sunset'

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How to Write History That People Want to Read

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