How to Write and Publish Your Family Story in 10 Easy Steps

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 160 pages
Author: N. Kyle
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9781742232751
Other: b&w photos, glossary, index
Publisher: NewSouth Books

Is that fascinating family story you uncovered still sitting on your desk? Want to get it into print? Don't know where to start? In 'How to Write and Publish Your Family story in Ten Easy Steps', family historian Noeline Kyle provides the answers.

This handy, easy-to-read reference book is designed for anyone who wants to write their family story, from novices to professional genealogists. It draws on the workshops, talks and seminars presented by Noeline over the last thirty years.

Unlike other books in this genre, this one focuses on the writing not the research, explaining in ten easy steps how to identify the story and write a compelling narrative about your family that will connect with your readers.

Noeline's tips will help you shape your story, develop a narrative and establish your characters. You will learn how to edit your text; what to keep and what to cut; how to write biographies and construct chapters; and, ultimately, how to publish and promote your book so it reaches the widest range of readers possible.

Before you start ...
1. Getting started
2. Formatting lives
3. Constructing chapters, creating titles
4. What to put in, what to leave out
5. Making sense
6. Family history templates
7. Adding images
8. Electronic and paper publishing
9. Your obligations as an author
10. Getting your book out to readers

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How to Write and Publish Your Family Story in 10 Easy Steps


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