How Our Ancestors Died: A Guide for Family Historians

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 224 pages
Author: S. Wills
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781781590386
Other: b&w photos, bibliog, index
Publisher: Pen & Sword

What were the principal causes of death in the past? Could your ancestor have been affected? How was this disease investigated and treated, and what did our ancestors think about the illnesses and the accidents that might befall them? Simon Wills fascinating survey of the diseases that had an impact on their lives seeks to answer these questions. His graphic, detailed account offers an unusual and informative view of the threats that our ancestors live with and died of.

He describes the common causes of death - cancer, cholera, dysentery, influenza, malaria, scurvy, smallpox, stroke, tuberculosis, typhus, yellow fever, venereal disease and the afflictions of old age. Alcoholism is included, as are childbirth infections, heart disease, mental illness and dementia. Accidents feature prominently and death through addiction abuse is covered as well as death through violence and war.

In addition to describing causes of death and setting them in the context of the times, his book shows readers how to find and interpret patients records, death certificates and other documents in order to gain an accurate impression of how their ancestors died.

1. Investigation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Disease
2. Finding a Cause of Death
3. Accidents and Disasters
4. Alcohol and Alcoholism
5. Cancer
6. Chest Conditions
7. Children, Babies, and Infecion
8. Cholera
9. Diet and Starvation
10. Dysentery and Bowel Infections
11. Epilepsy and Strokes
12. Execution and Murder
13. Heart Conditions
14. Influenza
15. Mental Illness and Suicide
16. Opium Addicion
17. Plague
18. Pregnancy and Childbirth
19. Scurvy
20. Smallpox
21. Tropical Infections
22. Tuberculosis
23. Typhus
24. Venereal Disease
25. War
26. Wounds
27. Places to visit

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How Our Ancestors Died: A Guide for Family Historians

MSRP: $44.95
You save $4.45

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