Hospital Ships: Manunda, Wanganella, Centaur, Oranje

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 308 pages
Author: R. Goodman
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781925236491
Other: 2nd ed., b&w photos, appendixes, index
Publisher: Boolarong Press

The story of hospital ships is a fascinating one indeed, about which little has been written except for isolated tragedies such as the sinking of the Centaur off the Australian coast in 1943. Yet the story of hospital ships is an integral part of naval, military and medical history going back over the centuries.

Essentially it is a story of the sea, a struggle to use the sea as a means of saving the lives of soldiers who become casualties in battles formerly at sea and in recent times on land. The record is one of heroic deeds by men and women, many of whom went down with their ships while performing their humanitarian role of caring for the sick and wounded.

This story spans several centuries, concluding with the Falklands War and the War in the Gulf.

List of Illustrations
1. Hospital Ships - Historical
2. World War I: Collecting the Casualties
3. World War I: Getting the 'Boys' Home
4. Hospital Ships in World War II: An Overview
5. The 'Manunda'
6. The 'Wanganella'
7. The 'Centaur'
8. The 'Oranje'
9. The Future of Hospital Ships
Appendix A. Standing Orders for Australian Hospital Ships for Transports for invalids (1915)
Appendix B. The Geneva Convention of 6 July 1906 (Translation)
Appendix C. Roll of Honour - 2/3 Australian Hospital Ship 'Centaur'
Appendix D. Trips of the 'Oranje'
Appendix E. 2/2 Hospital Ship 'Wanganella'
Appendix F. Navy Nursing Officers who Served on USS 'Comfort'
List of Abbreviations
The Author

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Hospital Ships: Manunda, Wanganella, Centaur, Oranje


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