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Honour Denied: Teddy Sheean, a Tasmanian Hero ...

Publisher: Avonmore Books

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 318 pages
Author: T. Lewis
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780987151971
Other: b&w & colour photos, appendixes, bibliog, index
Publisher: Avonmore Books

No-one will ever know what made him do it. Teddy Sheean was part of the evacuation of his warship, the corvette 'Armidale' sinking fast while around it swarmed Japanese aircraft, shooting with abandon. Teddy turned back to his gun, an Oerlikon 20mm anti-aircraft cannon with a broad leather strap to secure the gunner. He began firing ... a courageous Tasmanian was determined to do his best to save his mates and his ship.

No member of the Royal Australian Navy has ever been awarded a Victoria Cross. Of the 100 so far given to Australians, 96 are to the Army and four to the Royal Australian Air Force. It was not from lack of bravery that this unjust situation has arisen.

It derives from substantial unfairness. In World War I and II, the RAN had to apply through Britain’s class-bound Royal Navy for any such award to be made.

This book focuses on a naval sailor who should have received a VC.

Honour Denied: Teddy Sheean, a Tasmanian Hero, also:

  • Reveals the secret engagement Teddy Sheean kept concealed from his family
  • Lists for the first time the full list of Dutch soldiers who died when HMAS Armidale was sunk in 1942
  • Compares the bravery of Sheean to two other Australian naval heroes – who should also have been decorated with the Victoria Cross
  • Reveals the reverse of what other writers have suggested: the Royal Australian Navy was proud of Armidale and her fight, and did not cover up her loss

Explanatory Notes
1. A Brave and Determined Hero
2. Teddy Sheean's Naval World
3. A Fighting Family
4. Induction and Training
5. The Development if Warships and Guns at Sea
6. The Corvettes
7. To Darwin Deployed
8. The Final Fight of 1 December 1942
9. A Tragic Finale
10. Of Decorations Denied, and Survivors Massacred?
11. Of Victoria Crosses and Inconsistency
12. The Curious Case of Lieutenant Commander Rankin and the Forgotten HMAS 'Yarra'
13. The Even More Curious Case of Captain Hec Waller
14. The American Approach
15. The Tribunal and the Inquiry
16. Victoria Crosses Deserved
Appendix 1A: List of Royal Australian Navy personnel lost on board the Armidale, or in the survival, search, and rescue operation following
Appendix 1B: List of 61 Dutch Netherlands East Indies Troops lost on board Armidale, or in the survival, search, and rescue operations following
Appendix 2: Policy regarding the award of the Victotria Cross
List of Works Consulted

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