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History of the Royal Australian Army Pay Corps in Victoria

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Media: BOOK - hardcover, 304 pages
Author: B. Condon
Year: 2007
ISBN: 9780975835395
Other: b&w photos, appendixes, index
Publisher: Slouch Hat Publications

In August 1955 Pte B.T. Condon joined the Pay Corps. Brian remained with the Corps for many years and on retirement as a Lieutenant Colonel, was appointed Colonel Commandant a position he held for six years before commencing to write the 'History of the Royal Australian Army Pay Corps in Victoria'.

This book records the history of the Pay Corps from its beginnings in the Colonial period through the Boer War, the Great War 1914-1918 and the Second World War. It is also a detailed record of the actives of the Corps in the post-War period and includes the Korean War, Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam conflicts as well as National Service through to the current day.

This is a complete record of the Corps (Citizen Military Forces, Army Reserve and the Australia Regular Army) and its people and is a must of all those who have served in the Corp. It is also a detailed record of the Corps activities both military and civilian and with the passage of time this will become a major source of reference for future generations.

Foreword - by LtCol Gus Pauza
Foreword - by LtCol Denise Mulvaney
Preface - by LtCol Brian Condon
Preface - by LtCol William Fletcher
Introduction: Editor's Note, Det or Unit?

Part 1: History
1. The Pay Corps and its beginnings in the Army
2. The Colonial Period (Pay in Colonial Australia)
3. Victoria and the Boer War
4. The Great War 1914-1918
5. After the War to end all Wars
6. Victoria and the Pay Corps in World War 2
7. The AAPC and the Army Audit Staff
8. After the Second World War
9. Internment Camps and POWs
10. Some Victorian Command Pay Office identities WW2 and beyond
11. Japan and the BOCF (British Commonwealth Occupation Forces)
12. Raising of the CMF
13. Victoria and the Korean War
14. Victoria, Malaya and Borneo
15. Victoria and Singapore
16. The National Service Training Scheme
17. Victoria and the Vietnam War
18. UN Peace Keeping
19. RAAPC Reorganisation and Training
20. The Command Pay Office - HQ Southern Command
- Photo Album - RAAPC Historical Activities

Part 2: Commanding officers/Officer Commanding and Unit/Detachment Activities
21. The Chislett Era
22. The Sexton Era
23. The Camm Era
24. The First Willson Era
25. The First Condon Era
26. The Second Willson Era
27. The Fallon and Masters Era
28. The First Smith Era
29. The Second Condon Era
30. The Firze Era
31. The The Second Smith Era
32. The Fletcher Era
33. The Sharkey Era
34. The Blackwell Era
- Photo Album - RAAPC Activities
35. RAAPC Trading as Army Financial Services Unit (AFSU)
36. The Clarke Era
37. The Herrin Era
38. The McNaughton Era
39. The Newman Era
40. The Roche Era
- Photo Album - AFSU Activities

Part 3: Friends and Support of 3RAAPC and AFSU (Southern Region) Activities
41. Colonel Commandants and State Corps Representatives in Victoria
42. Directors of the RAAPC - Army Headquarters
43. Superior Command of 3 Pay - the Civilians
44. Superior Command of 3 Pay - the Military
45. 3 Pay Unit and the Paymaster in Chief Directorate
46. Victoria and the ARA Component
47. The struggles of a CMF/ARES Unit without and ARA Cadre
48. 3 Pay Unit/AFSU (SR) and the Cadre
49. The Direct Entry Officers
50. Wider involvement for 3 Pay Officers
51. The 'School of Pay'
52. 3 Pay Unit locations
53. Army Pay Accounting Centre
54. The Defence Force Pay Accounting Centre
55. The RAAPC Museum
56. The RAAPC Association (Victoria)
57. The AAPC/RAAPC (Overseas) Association
58. The AAPC Audit Association
59. The Australian Women's Army Services (AWAS)
60. Women's Royal Australian Army Corps (WRAAC)
61. The Condon Period as an RACT Officer
62. COs/OCs and their life after command
63. Some members of the RAAPC during the 3 Pay days
64. Recollections of a long serving soldier on Pay matters
65. Recollections of a long serving soldier on NPMA matters
66. The social activities of 3 RAAPC Unit
- Photo Album - Friends and support of RAAPC and AFSU activities

Appendix 1. Awards and honours granted to 3 Det/3 Pay Unit Personnel
Appendix 2. 3 Det RAAPC/3RAAPC Unit/SR Det AFSU Key Personnel
Appendix 3. Listing of CO/OC's of 3 Det/3 Pay Unit
Appendix 4. Listing of RSMs USMs
Appendix 5. 3RAAPC Officers/Sergeants Mess/Det Canteen PMCs
Appendix 6. Listing of Warrant Officers 3 Det/3 Pay Unit
Appendix 7. Listing of Corps Directors/Head of Corps
Appendix 8. Listing of Annual Camp Locations
Appendix 9. Listing of 3 Pay Unit/Det Training Depot Locations
Appendix 10. Victorian Winners of the Orchard Book Prize
Appendix 11. Winners of the Major R.V. Camm 'Skill at Arms" Trophy
Appendix 12. Integrity Trophy
Appendix 13. A.E. Barnsley Efficiency Trophy
Appendix 14. Nominal Roll
Appendix 15. Brief History of 3RAAPC Unit and AFSU SR Det

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