Herefordshire 1841 Census

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Media: DATA CD - 8 CDs
Year: 2004
Publisher: Archive CD Books GB

This CD-ROM set of the Herefordshire 1841 Census comes on 8 CDs, digitised images of the original census enumerators' books taken from microfilm (not microfiche) as it is higher quality. Please note: Censuses are organised by Registration Districts, which DO NOT necessarily correspond with county boundaries. A set of census records for a Registration District may omit some places within a county, and/or include places from adjacent counties.

The publishers are very proud of the superb quality of the scanned images. They've have worked from really excellent films copied from the first generation films at the PRO, and have then used the very best possible film scanner currently available to digitise the images at a high resolution.

Places on CD 1 (HO107/418-419):
Amberley, Avonbury, Bishops Grendon, Bockleton, Bodenham, Bowley, Bredenbury, Brockhampton, Bromyard, Bromyard Union Workhouse, Bryan-Maund, Collington, Felton, Grendon Warren, Linton, Little Cowarne, Marden, Much Cowarne, Norton, Ocle Pitchard, Pencombe, Preston Wynne, Saltmarsh, Stanford Bishop, Stoke Bliss, Stoke Lacey, Sutton St Michael, Sutton St Nicholas, Tedstone Delamere, Tedstone Wafer, The Moor, Thornbury, Ullingswick, Upper Sapey, Wacton, Whitbourne, Whitchurch-Maund, Winslow, Withington, Wolferlow

Places on CD 2 (HO107/420-421):
Aston Ingham, Brampton Abbots, Brockhampton, Clodock - Crasswall, Clodock - Llanveynoe, Clodock - Longtown, Clodock - Newton, Cusop, Cwmyoy - Bwlch, Cwmyoy - Fwthog, Dormington, Dormington - Bartestree, Fownhope, Fownhope - Fawley, Foy, Hope Mansell, How Caple, Lea, Linton, Llancillo, Michael Church Eskley, Mordiford, Much Marcle, Putley, Ross, Ross Union Workhouse, Rowlstone, Sollers Hope, St Margaret, Upton Bishop, Walford, Walterstone, Weston under Penyard, Woolhope, Woolhope - Putley, Yatton

Places on CD 3 (HO107/422-423):
Barton, Bradnor and Rushock, Bishopstone, Both Hergests, Breinton, Bridge Sollers, Brilley, Brinsop, Brobury, Burghill, Burghill - Tillington, Byford, Canon Pion, Clifford, Credenhill, Dinmore, Eardisley, Hampton Bishop, Holmer, Huntington, Kenchester, Kington, Kington Union Workhouse, Lilwall, Pembers Oak and Chickwood, Mansell Gamage, Mansell Lacy, Monnington upon Wye, Moreton upon Lugg, Norton Canon, Pipe and Lyde, Staunton upon Wye, Stretton Sugwas, Tupsley, Wellington, Whitney, Willersley, Winforton, Wormesley, Yazor

Places on CD 4 (HO107/424-425):
Ashperton, Aylton, Bishop's-Frome - Eggleton, Bosbury - Upleadon, Canon-Frome, Castle-Frome, Coddington, Colwall, Donnington, East Cradley, Eastnor, Evesbatch, Hailmonds-Frome, Leadon - Walton and Stanford-Regis, Ledbury, Ledbury Union
Workhouse, Ledbury - Parkhold, Ledbury - St Catharines Hospital, Little Marcle, Lugwardine, Moreton-Jefferies, Munsley, Pixley, Stoke-Edith, Stoke-Edith - West-Hide, Stretton-Grandisome, Tarrington, West Cradley, Weston-Beggard,

Places on CD 5 (HO107/426-427):
Abbey-Dore, Abbey-Dore Union Workhouse, All Saints - Grafton, Allensmoor, Almeley, Aymestry - Conhope, Aymestry - Over-Lye, Bacton, Birley, Blakemore, Borough of Weobley, Bredwardine, Bullingham Lower, Bullingham Upper, Callow, Clehonger, Dilwyn - Church-Dilwyn, Dilwyn - Fawley, Dilwyn - Haven-with-the-Headland, Dilwyn - Luntley, Dilwyn - Newtown and Hurst, Dilwyn - Sollars-Dilwyn, Dinedore, Dorstone, Dulas, Eardisland, Eaton-Bishop, Euryas-Harold, Haywood Forest Liberty, Holm-Lacy, Kender-Church, Kentchurch, King's Pion, Kingsland - Aston, Kingsland - Lawton, Kingsland - Longford, Kingsland - West-Town, Kingstone, Kinnersley, Letton, Lyonshall, Madley, Moccas, Monkland - Borough of Leominster, Pembridge, Peterchurch, Preston-upon-Wye, Shobdon, St Devereux - Didley, Stretford, Thruxton, Tiberton, Turnastone, Vowchurch, Weobley, Weobley Union Workhouse, Wormbridge

Places on CD 6 (HO107/428-429):
Adforton, Payloe and Grange, Aston or Pipe-Aston, Aymestry, Boresford and Pedwardine, Brakes, Brimfield, Brompton-Bryan, Bucknell, Buckton and Coxall, Burrington, Byton, Croft, Croft - Newton, Docklow, Downton, Edvin-Ralph-with-Butterley, Elton, Eye - Luston, Eye - Moreton and Ashto, Eyton, Ford or Ford-bridge, Hatfield with New Hampton, Heath and Jay, Hope-under-Dunmore, Humber, Humber - Risbury, Kimbolton, Kington, Kinsham, Knill, Leinthall-Earls, Leinthall-Stokes, Leintwardine, Lingen, Little Hereford, Little Hereford - Upton, Litton and Cascob, Lower Hampton, Marlow, Mortimer's Cross, Nether-Lye, Presteigne - Combe, Rodd, Nash and Little Brompton, Shirley, Stanton-upon-Arrow, Stapleton, Titley, Trippleton, Walford, Letton and Newton, Whitton, Wigmore - Limebrook, Willey, Yatton

Places on CD 7 (HO107/430-431):
Bridstow, Brierley, Broadward, Cholstrey, Eaton, Ganarew, Garway, Goodrich - Glewstone, Goodrich - Huntisham, Hentland, Hide and Wintercott, Ivington, Kilgreague, Llangunnoc, Langstone and Tre-Evan, Laysters, Leominster, Leominster Goal, Leominster Union, Leominster Union Workhouse, Letton - Hurstley, Llangarren - Tredoughan, Llanrothall, Lucton, Ludford, Marstrow, Middleton-on-the-Hill, Newtown, Orleton, Peterstow, Puddlestone-with-While, Richard's Castle, Rochford, Sarnesfield, St Weonard's, Stagbalch, Stoke-Prior, Stottesden - Farlow, Stretford and Henner, Trecilla and Tretilla, Tretire with Michaelchurch, Welsh-Newton, Wharton, Whitchurch, Whitchurch Asylum, Wickton and Risbury, Yarpole, Yarpole - Bircher

Places on CD 8 (HO107/432-433):
Acornbuy, Ballingham, Boulstone, Dewsall, Foy, Harewood, Haywood Forest Liberty, Hereford City - All Saints, Hereford City - All Saints and St Nicholas, Hereford City - St John and St Martin, Hereford City - St John Baptist, Hereford City - St John, All Saints and St Peter, Hereford City - St John, St Peter and St Owen, Hereford City - St Martin, Hereford City - St Nicholas, Hereford City County Goal, Hereford City Goal, Hereford City Workhouse, Killpeck, King's Caple, Little Birch, Little Dewchurch, Llandinabo, Llanithog, Llanwarne, Much Birch, Much Dewchurch, Orcrop, Pencwyd, Sellack, Triville

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Herefordshire 1841 Census


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