Grave Tales: True Crime

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 298 pages
Author: H. Goltz & C. Adams
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9780987160577
Other: b&w photos, maps
Publisher: Atlas Productions

For perpetrators and victims alike, their stories may end in the graveyards of Australia, but for 'Grave Tales', the names and stories on those headstones is where it all begins.

These crime stories herald from the city and the bush, from the days when our nation developed, the bush prospered, and the cities grew.

There were the terrible crimes that took away our innocence, crimes destined never to be solved that live in our history ... crimes that confound us with their sheer cruelty, stagger us with their brilliance and amaze us with their sheer audacity.

These are the stories of some of those crimes. 

Edward Leonski: The saddest swansong
Norman 'Chops' Lee: Then there were none, the Great Bookie Robbery
Linda Agostini: The pyjama girl mystery
The Battle of Broken Hill: A new year day of remembrance
Martha Needle: Tea and sympathy
John T.W. Smith: Slaughter on the rabbit-proof fence
Bertha and Mary Schippan: Sister or a mister
Creswell and Orton: The men who would be heirs
Frederick Bailey Deeming: The ladies' man
Betty Shanks: Once was bright and beautiful
Robert Francis Burns: Australia's first serial killer
The Clarke brothers: Stand and deliver
Chrissie Venn: Death along Dead Horse Gully
The Somerton Man: Taman Shud
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Grave Tales: True Crime


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