Grave Tales: Melbourne Vol. 1

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 298 pages
Author: H. Goltz & C. Adams
Year: 2020
ISBN: 9780648709343
Other: b&w photos
Publisher: Atlas Productions

Everyone has a story, whether they be dead or alive. The Grave Tales team are helping to keep the stories of those who've passed alive, but telling their stories.

They travel the country, photographing graves, but also research the details and stories a number of these people.

'Grave Tales: Melbourne Vol. 1' visits eleven cemeteries to tell the stories of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events that made local and national headlines.

These stories hint at our history - tales of unsolved murders, love lost, mystery, tragedy, early settlement, health epidemics, scandal and sacrifice. Grave Tales reveals more than the headstone can ever convey by tracing the tumultuous journeys that lead to these final resting places. 

Contents by Cemetery:
Booroondara Cemetery
 - Alice Anderson, Girl torque
Box Hill Cemetery
 - Cyril Callister, As bright as bright can be
Brighton General Cemetery
 - Alma Tirtschke, The hands that shaped the noose (Colin Ross)
 - Eugenie Stohhaker, The Botanic Garden murders
 - Victor Pearce, On violent streets, 1923 Victoria Police strike
 - Johanna and Oscar Weigel, Madame Weigel's patterns
Cheltenham Memorial Cemetery
 - Mary Hardy, There's something about Mary
Fawkner Memorial Park
 - Corporal James Ramsden, Disaster visits the Duke
Melbourne General Cemetery
 - James Paul Whelan, Whelan the Wrecker is here
 - Walter Lindrum, The Bradman of billiards
 - Harold Holt, Missing, presumed drowned, the Prime Minister
 - George Coulthard, Coulthard the Colossus
Mornington Cemetery
 - Albert Herbert Lawrence, The final siren
Mornington Park
 - Mornington Football Club monument, The final siren
St Kilda Cemetery
 - Christina Macpherson, Miss Macpherson keeps time
 - Glen Huntly victims, the fever ship
Springvale Botanical Cemetery
 - Gabrielle Erica McMillan, Grave and beauty, the Mooba Queens
Springvale Jewish Cemetery
 - Leopold Rosner, Play on
Upper Yarra Public Cemetery
 - Sam Knott, I allus has wan at eleven




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Grave Tales: Melbourne Vol. 1


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