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Grandad Did a Dastardly Deed: 50 More Family History Traps

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 132 pages
Author: K. Broad & T. Neobard
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781906280475
Other: sketches
Publisher: Family History Partnership

Was your grandfather a kindly old man, who lovingly tended his prize rhubarb, or did his spade have another use? And just what was in the cupboard in his shed?

"Grandad Did A Dastardly Deed" continues the work of its companion book "Granny Was A Brothel Keeper" in highlighting pitfalls associated with family history. Written in a distinctive light-hearted style, this volume is packed with cartoons, true stores, and tips to take you further along your ancestral voyage of discovery.

Expect to encounter dumpling-flingers, ancestors who drowned in exotic places, fake social network profiles, concealed lunatics, dwarf strangles and malevolent microfilm!

1. Web of Deceit
- Trap 1: You think the internet is always you friend
- Trap 2: You trust other people's research
- Trap 3: You get the wrong subscription
- Trap 4: Your web searches don't go wide enough
- Trap 5: Believing your search engine is all-knowing
- Trap 6: You don't make the most of search engines
- Trap 7: You register for everything
- Trap 8: You don't do anything with what you find
- Trap 9: This looks interesting - getting distracted
- Trap 10: Not knowing when to stop
2. We seek him here, we seek him there
- Trap 11: Making assumptions about your ancestors
- Trap 12: You don't know where to look next
- Trap 13: The records are not there
- Trap 14: You don't understand what you have found
- Trap 15: You can't travel to get it
- Trap 16: You don't know your history
- Trap 17: You didn't check for an index
- Trap 18: My ancestors came from abroad
- Trap 19: You fail to keep your costs down
- Trap 20: You overlook other sources of help
3. Raiders of the lost archives
- Trap 21: You did insufficient planning
- Trap 22: You are ill-equipped for the day
- Trap 23: You underestimate the task at hand
- Trap 24: You fall foul of the rules
- Trap 25: The staff weren't helpful
- Trap 26: You can't find what you are looking for
- Trap 27: I didn't want to look like a newbie
- Trap 28: I think I already looked at that
- Trap 29: You waste time
4. Behind Every Solution Lies a Problem
- Trap 30: The lines get tangled
- Trap 31: They appear from nowhere
- Trap 32: What you were told doesn't fit
- Trap 33: You don't flesh out the facts
- Trap 34: You hit a brick wall
- Trap 35: You take it as fact
- Trap 36: You suffer from information overload
- Trap 37: You have extra pieces of the puzzle
- Trap 38: You ignore your inner voice
- Trap 39: Too much effort - too little payback
5. Telling it like it is
- Trap 40: You keep it all to yourself
- Trap 41: I'll share it when I've finished
- Trap 42: Publishing a book is beyond your reach
- Trap 43: Your website was an expensive folly
- Trap 44: Your work is plagiarised
- Trap 45: Your family was dull
- Trap 46: Your presentation leaves them confused
- Trap 47: You have bad news to break
- Trap 48: You get carried away
- Trap 49: Your research dies with you
- Trap 50: Expect the Unexpected

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