Goldfields and the Gothic: A Hidden Heritage and Folklore

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Media: BOOK - paperback, 204 pages
Author: D. Waldron
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781925333510
Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing

Generations of Australians have grown up with the legend of Eureka and the familiar images of the gold rush in central Victoria. However, underneath these commonly known stories lies a stranger and darker past. As well as colonists, pioneers, soldiers and rebel miners, the colonial goldfields were home to spiritualists, secret societies, ghost-hoaxers, bunyip legends and murderers.

There are also the stories of those often forgotten in the goldfield histories - Indigenous peoples, immigrant communities, the mentally ill and others.  

'Goldfields and the Gothic' is an anthology by local historians of the long buried legends, histories and folklore of the Victorian goldfields and their legacy today. Every historian has a collection of strange, buried pieces of history; this work begins the task of bringing them to light.

Ghosts and Bogeymen of the Goldfields
 - Spiritualism in nineteenth-century Ballarat
 - Playing the ghost: ghost hoaxing and supernaturalism in nineteenth-century Victoria
 - William Bailey and his haunted mansion
 - Banshees
 - The Ballarat Gaol: Ballarat's most haunted building?
 - Things that go bump in the night: ghost hoaxing on the Victorian goldfields, a Jungian exploration

Those Forgotten and Hidden
 - Homosexuality on the goldfields
 - Goldfields freemasonry: decoding the past
 - The night Dixie came to town: The 'Shenandoah'and the American Civil War
 - Aradale Asylum: The goldfield's boogieman 

 Storylines: Indigenous Folklore
 - The mystery of the Moranghurk sculptures
 - Indigenous folklore of the bnorthern Wathawurrung peoples
 - Mullawallah: spirit of times past, present and future
 - Buckley's Bunyip

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Goldfields and the Gothic: A Hidden Heritage and Folklore


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