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Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic 7

Publisher: RootsMagic

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 400 pages
Author: B. Buzbee
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781932932157
Other: b&w photos, summary, index
Publisher: RootsMagic

If you have (or are buying) RootsMagic 7, and like having a physical printed copy of the manual to be able to read, rather than a file on screen - look no further. This is the book for you.

Covering everything about the program, this book will truly help you "Get the most out of RootsMagic". The contents list kind of speaks for itself in how extensive it is.

Starting with basic data-entry and continue learning advanced techniques such as custom reports, citing sources, GEDCOM, creating user-defined facts, scanning images and merging. It's all there.

- What is RootsMagic
- How This Book is Organized
Getting Started
- Creating a Database
- Adding Yourself
- Adding Other People
The Main Screen
- The Pedigree View
- The Family View
- The Descendants View
- The People View
- The WebSearch View
- The Timeline View
- The Side Bar
- Toolbars and Menus
Using Databases
- Creating a New Databases
- Opening an Existing Database
- Searching for Files
- Using Multiple Databases
- Dragging and Dropping People
- Backing Up Your Database
- Renaming Your Database
- Database Tools
- Deleting Your Database
- Copying Your Database
- Comparing Two RootsMagic Files
- Importing Lists from Another File
- Getting Database Information
Building the Family Tree
- Adding People to Your Database
- Adding an Unlinked Individual
- Adding Parents, Spouses and Children
- Deleting People and Families
- Unlinking People from Each Other
- Swapping Husbands and Wives
- Rearranging Children
Editing People
- Names, Titles and Sex
- Spouses
= Parents
- Facts and Events
- Alternate Names
- DNA Tests
- Notes and Sources
- Other Items
Facts and Events
- What is a Fact?
- Shared Facts
- The Fact List
Searching for Information
- Finding a Person by Name
- Finding a Person by Other Information
- Editing From the Explorer
- Finding a Family
- Find Everywhere
- Finding a Previously Viewed Person
- Finding a Person on the Internet
Notes - Telling Your Story
- Where Can I Use Notes?
- Note Editor
- Private Notes
Sources - Proving It
- Where Can I Use Sources?
- Sources and CItations
- Entering Sources for People and Facts
- Adding a New Source
- The Source List
- Creating New Source Types
Places - Mapping, Geocoding and Gazetteers
- Gazetteer
- Place List and Geocoding
- CountyCheck
- Mapping
Repositories - Where is it?
- The Repository Page
- The Repository List
Pictures, Sound and Video
- Adding Media
- Removing Media
- Rearranging Media in Album
- Editing Photos
- Printing Scrapbook Photos
- Viewing and Editing a File
- Playing Sound and Video CLips
WebTags - Online Links
Putting Your Family on Paper
- Report Options
- The Report Viewer
- Pedigree Charts
- Family Group Sheets
- Narrative Reports
- Box Chart Reports
- Address Labels
- Lists
Wallcharts and Timelines
- Wall Charts
- Timeline Charts
- RootsMagic Chart
- Working with RootsMagic Chart FIles
- Printing Your Chart
Custom Reports
- Let's Create One
- Designing a Custom Report
- Modifying a Custom Report
- Printing a Custom Report
Publishing Your Family History
Sharing Data with Others
- Creating a Shareable CD
- Importing Data from Other Programs
- Importing a GEDCOM File
- Creating a GEDCOM File
- Should I Send GeDCOM Files by Email?
- Running RootsMagic-To-Go
- Installing RootsMagic-To-Go on Your Flash Drive
- Transferring Data
Merging Duplicate Records
- Manual Merge
- Duplicate Search and Merge
- Automatic Merges
- Collaborating With Family Members
Research Aids
- WebHints
- To Do List
- Research Manager
- GenSmarts Integration
- Correspondence List
- Names Groups
- Sending Books to Family Member
- Other Printouts
- Creating a Family Website
- Keeping a Reserch Database
- Problem Search
- Problem Alerts
- Cleaning Up Names and Places
- Comparing Two RootsMagic Files
- Setting the Living Flag
- Setting Relationships to a Person
- Colour Coding People
- TheDate Calculator and Calendar
- The Relationship Calculator
- The Soundex Calculator
- Spell Checking
- Search and Replace
- Count Trees in Database
Putting Your Family on the Web
- My RootsMagic
- Creating Files to Put on Your Own Server
- The Internet Menu
- Other Internet Resources
FamilySearch Family Tree
- Activating FamilySearch Features
- FamilySearch Person Tools
- FamilySearch Central
LDS Support
- Entering Information
- Printing Information
- FamilySearch
RootsMagic Options
- Program Options
- File Options
- Main Menu Commands
- Built-In Fact Types
- Keyboard Shortcut Keys
- Template Language Reference

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More Information:
If you would like to try it out, try their free trial version, click here to download
Learn how to use the program by watching their webinars
Keep an eye on their YouTube channel for instructional videos, which you can find here

Product Reviews

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  1. Very handy tool to have

    Posted by michelle borserio on 23rd Jan 2019

    This book is a terrific reference to have on hand.
    It starts off basic and moves towards advance computer users of the program. I can't see areas that aren't covered and I am a beginner at Rootsmagic7 and working through it.
    Explains a lot of time saving techniques and without it I don't believe you can fully comprehend what the program has to offer.
    Having the book makes it easy than trying to flick back and forth online, this way you simply flick a page to where you want to be.
    All written in easy to understand language and a terrific guide to have on hand!!

  2. It's Magic

    Posted by Caroline Moorhouse on 4th Jan 2019

    Bought the programme, watched the webinars, which were very good, but still found that I was referring back to them. Much easier to pick up the book, read the instructions and do at the same time. Easy to follow and very comprehensive. Put book (manual) and webinars together - terrific. Well worth the money for me.

  3. Worth the Cost

    Posted by Carol McCaul on 27th Apr 2018

    Easy to read, great tips. Great help for getting the most out of the program. I really like having a printed version of the guide. So many options to experiment with and make my family history research even more enjoyable. Prompt delivery.

Showing reviews 1-3 of 4 | Next

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