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German and Scandinavian Research Guide

Publisher: Family History Expos

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Product Description

Media: BOOK - paperback, 158 pages
Author: R. Maness & H. Hansen
Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781530818174
Other: b&w photos, maps, bibliog
Publisher: Family History Expos

Success in identifying and then reaching your genealogical goals comes when proven paths are followed. With this Research Guide you will learn the details of and now to interpret church records, civil records, and other county-level vital records written in German. You will gain an understanding of printed sources available to assist with your Scandinavian research. You will learn to recognise Germanic and Scandinavian naming patterns, including regional differences and the use of patronymics.

Additionally, you will learn the importance of Feast Days in Germanic and Scandinavian research, how to read Gothic Script in the various countries, and how to avoid making mistakes in your research. A list of helpful Germanic and Scandinavian websites is also included.

Please note: this is a US published book, and while the concepts they teach are useful for anyone anywhere, the examples are all US orientated.

Contributing Professionals
Tools for effective family tree analysis
 - Synopsis
 - Introduction
 - Some general guidelines to use when analyzing your family tree chart and family group sheet information
 - Some guidelines for note-keeping
 - A small, selected bibliography
German Church records, civil registration, and "county level" vital records
 - Civil registration records - minimally began in 1876 for the whole of Germany
 - County (District) level vital records
It's not all online! Printed sources for Scandinavian (Nordic) research
 - Biographical encyclopedias, collections, dictionaries and histories
 - Selected bibliography
 - Addendum: links to access information on Norwegian ministers
The chicken walked here: Learning to read Germanic and Scandinavian gothic script and deciphering record patterns
 - Principles
 - Procedures
 - Selected bibliography and reference aids
 - Deciphering records = look for a patern
Germanic and Scandinavian naming patterns
 - Given names
 - Surnames
 - Scandinavian naming practices
 - Additional resources
The importance of Feast Days in German and Scandinavian (Nordic) research
 - Feast Day dates
 - The Feast Days
 - Calendars
Avoiding mistakes in German and Scandinavian research
 - Germany
 - Basic principles
 - Geography and history
 - Using maps
 - Using genealogy databases online
 - Using online indexes (German and Scandinavian)
 - Using town genealogies (Ortssippenbücher / Ortsfamiliedbücher)
 - The "Thomas Principle" (Germany and Scandinavia)
 - Strategies for evaluation
 - Regional peculiarities
 - Technical difficulties
 - Left-side Right-side films
 - Using a library catalog (yes, films may still be needed)
 - Common false assumptions
 - Search and research!
 - Scandinavia (also known as the Nordic countries)
 - Basic principles
 - Geography and history
 - Using maps
 - Using genealogy databases online (FamilySearch, Ancestry, MyHeritage etc.)
 - Using extant Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish farm/parish genealogies
 - Strategies for evaluation
 - Regional peculiarities
 - Technical difficulties
 - Using a library catalog (yes, films may still be needed)
 - Common false assumptions
 - Search and research!
German and Scandinavian websites: some free, some not
 - The bottom line
 - Helpful German research websites
 - You're not alone - learning and sharing
 - Finding the German place of origin
 - Identifying places and jurisdictions
 - Getting into research
 - Reading and understanding records
 - Scandinavian (Nordic) websites
 - Danish research on the internet
 - Finnish research on the internet
 - Helpful websites for Norway
 - Swedish research on the internet
 - Conclusion
Please Papa may I go? Putting your ancestor(s) back in the Old Country
 - Emigration
 - Immigration
 - A bibliographic sampling
Sharing the results of your research
 - Get others interested
 - Share
 - Get and give a hand up
 - Use the cloud
Simple source citations

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